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In established otitis externa, dead skin and infected material should be removed to give medications a proper chance to work. Ear canal skin grows in such a way that the outer layers are slowly moved outwards, like a conveyor belt.
In otitis externa, the conveyor belt either stops, or doesn’t go fast enough to cope with the increased rate of turnover of skin cells. The reaction of the skin to the infection may result in a vicious circle of inflammation, swelling, shedding of dead skin which provides food for the germs.
You then massage the tragus (the piece of skin that sticks out just in front of the ear canal like an open trapdoor) to force the drops right down to the eardrum. An alternative to microsuction often used in children with runny, discharging ears is to gently mop out the ear with a cotton wool applicator. Plug your ears with cotton wool balls rolled in Vaseline® to provide a waterproof seal when showering or hair washing.
Never poke anything down your ear canal – the skin is very delicate and easily damaged. Many otitis externa patients find that they can’t wear hearing aids because they cause infection, with painful, discharging ears.
Eczema with secondary infection, painful fissuring of the skin at the opening of the ear canal.

In otitis media, discharge from the middle ear, coming through a perforated eardrum, causes inflammation of the ear canal skin. Gradually, over a few weeks, it will work its way further out, until it passes the edge of the eardrum and passes into the ear canal skin.
Painful skin blisters in the left ear due to herpes zoster virus associated with facial paralysis. It is a vicious circle of infection, inflammation, swelling, shedding of dead skin, more infection, and so on. Five small species of skinks with green blood are found here, the only green-blooded land vertebrates in the world. This speeds up skin metabolism and produces more layers of dead skin, which is food for the germs.
There are also partially digested skin and inflammatory cells from the body, and toxic chemical waste released from both the bacteria and the body’s own defences. Antibiotics taken by mouth don’t penetrate at all well into the layers of dead skin debris and pus that block the ear canal in otitis externa. Tri-Adcortyl ┬« ointment contains antifungal, antibacterial and a steroid in order to reduce the inflammatory response of the skin. This slow outward movement prevents a build-up of dead layers of skin from blocking the ear canal.

Most of the dust in your home is made up of those flakes of dead skin that have dropped off. In 1968 research into the blood of green-blooded skinks determined that the colouration was due to the presence of a biliverdin-type pigment, like that found in bile.
On the hand, as with most of the body, skin squames get rubbed off during normal everyday activities.
Like dead dried leaves on a tree in autumn, the tiny flakes of dead skin are now ready to fall off. Dr Chris Austin is the only scientist in the world currently studying green-blooded skinks and he has an alternative theory, one that if correct, might lead to a cure for human diseases like jaundice, or even malaria.
Mark and Chris set out to scour the mountains and WWII wreck strewn jungles of PNG in an attempt to locate three of the five known green-blooded skink species and obtain blood samples for analysis.

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