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Starting off square and level is essential to a successful shed assembly and we recommend that you consider a base kit to self-square the shed and help level the site.
Base kits are not sized to fit GA Utility Buildings, Commander Series, Murryhill Utility Buildings, Mountaineer Series, Sentry Series, Ezee Series, SR1010, SR1011, NG63, CL72, HS108, all display units and Spacemaker products. Arrow's shed accessories can help you make full use of your shed, maintain its attractiveness and maximize its lifespan. Arrow Storage Products is the leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of steel storage units delivered in kit form.
Because metal sheds do not have floors these bases are not feasible as they do not come with a floor, they are utilised more as a drainage area, and a support for your building. The perfect base for metal sheds includes a firm and level concrete, tarmac or decking base and there are anchor kits which will add support to the metal sheds as it literally anchors the building to the base that you have constructed.
This image shows perfectly why the base would not work with metal sheds as there is not a floor to add over the top of the base.

It is essential that buildings are anchored to a suitable concrete, slab, foundation or timber base.
BASE REQUIREMENTS FOR SHEDSAll steel sheds must be anchored to a firm foundation to protect against wind damage.
The large Roof Strengthening Kits (RBK1012 and RBK1014) are considered large item deliveries and ship for a flat rate of $95. Since it was established in 1962 as Arrow Group Industries, the company has sold more than 13 million sheds to customers around the world through its retail partners. Since it was established in 1962 as Arrow Group Industries, the company has sold more than 12 million sheds to customers around the world.
Metal sheds are slightly different to other garden buildings in that they do not come with floors. The base kit must be assembled with your selected floor finishing option before you start to build your shed.

We can supply a Timber base or a Foundation Kit, which you can purchase with your product, simply select it below. After some smaller floor frame kit beams are installed, you have a perfect base for a wood floor finish (wood is not included ). In addition to protecting stored items, the self-squaring feature make the Arrow base kits a valuable accessory when assembling an Arrow building. Be sure to read the floor frame kit or base kit assembly manual first to find the correct time to install the accessory.

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