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This shed-roof birdhouse, sized for small birds such as wrens, chickadees, and bluebirds, incorporates bird-friendly characteristics: the deep overhang, perchless entry, openings for air circulation, and easy access to the interior for cleaning.
While at one of the model homes we saw some adorable birdhouses on posts that I knew I wanted to replicate once we found our home.
SIDES: Now cut two simple rectangles to form the sides and connect the front and back pieces. We were trying to gauge how much we’d be able to get with our budget but we were also looking for home decor ideas as well once we did move into another home. So I grabbed a photo, showed to my husband, and he got to work using our new Arrow Fastener staple gun we received for review to finish everything off.
To make various birdhouses in different designs to go on the rest of the platforms once Halloween has passed.

I’ve been saying for years that we need to do this, this is exactly the push I needed to finally make one already! I can’t wait to hear about all the birds the kids see coming to feed from those houses… such a great way to connect with nature in our own backyard!
We never really got much in the way of birds to inhabit them… more spiders than anything else.
Start at the bottom of the board, use a ruler and pencil and sketch out the shape of the front of the bird house on the board. Take your jig saw and set it to about 30 degrees for template 1 and 25 degrees for template 2. Position the floor piece between the sides 2 inches from the bottom, and secure to the sides and back, using one screw for each board.4.

Finally, drill a hole for an eightpenny nail at a downward angle through each side and into the edge of the door.
The holes should be slightly wider than the nails, so the nails can be removed easily to open the door for nest cleaning.Embellish as you see fit.
Secure the house to the trunk of a tree or a post or, adding eye screws to the roof, hang it from branches.Birdhouse design tipsNot all birds will nest in birdhouses, but those that do aren't very fussy about aesthetics.

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