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Published : 28.02.2014 | Author : admin | Categories : Vinyl Garden Shed
Dog House – The photo says it all.  Your dog will be just as happy with a $20 barrel as they will with a $100 and something plastic igloo. There are pretty much different ways that people used old wine barrels to decorate their homes and outdoors.
After doing a bit of research on the web, we can’t say that the doghouse seems half bad these days, what with mini food trucks, custom-built barns, and even a doghouse with a rooftop garden!

This house has a water collection system built in that functions to water the plants and fill a bowl full of water for your pooch.
Again, be sure to make the edges rounded off with a blow torch or similar so your dog doesn’t get cut or scraped up as they jump in and out.
For example, they can be converted to dog houses, planters, chairs, tables, sinks and so on.

Shed plans dvd
Blueprints to build a dog house

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