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With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. These picnic tables are each made from a single sheet of plywood, take about 30 minutes to mark out, and about 1 hour to cut out. Cutting out additional hand grip points is optional; only 2 of my 6 picnic tables have these additional hand grips in the table ends. How to make a flat pack plywood Picnic table S-B-SI actually got around to making some flat pack plywood picnic tables. The picnic tables are made from a single sheet of plywood, take about 30 minutes to mark out, and about 1 hour to cut out. To mark out the plywood, you'll need: a rule or tape measure, a pencil, a square, and a straight edge of about 4 feet long, or slightly longer.

When the plans say that you can make this flat pack picnic table from a single sheet of plywood, they weren't kidding. OK, I owe you all an apology now, as I forgot to take any photos of the assembly joints being cut out; this I'll rectify tomorrow when I make another picnic table. These flat-pack plywood picnic tables have been a God send this summer for both me personally and for for my business; Cargo Cycles. My six tables along with another 6-10, that I can borrow from my Church will be used during our house warming party in 3 weeks time; 40 odd guests, two bands, and 5 other performers. I had 3 very large ladies (and I mean very large; think 20 plus stones a piece) sit at one of my tables and eat their picnic during one show (and they weren't even interested in my products ), their combined weight sank the table legs almost 4 inches into a reasonably dry grass playing field, and I had one helluva job pulling the table out of the soil while Sammy, in fits of laughter stood by watching me.
I am lucky as I have a whole metalworking and woodworking workshop available for my every whim, and so the other day I fished out my 6 inch diameter hole saw and made some simple, but very effective plywood feet to spread the load, reduce the ground pressure, and prevent another situation of having to recover the sunken narrow legs of a table from the turf again.

OK I have used a hole-saw and a bench mounted pillar drill, but a jigsaw and pistol drill are more than adequate to make a set feet similar to the ones that I have made. The picnic tables have been taken out of winter storage: under a plastic sheet in the garden.
Our plywood picnic tables are two years old now, and have coped exceptionally well with the rigors of several local shows, 4 church fetes, 3 parties in the park, 2 music festivals, 1 firework display, several parties (at ours and at friends), have been loaned out on a few occasions, and we have enjoyed many alfresco meals, BBQs, and evenings sat at them. With the bank holiday weekend almost upon us (and the rest of the summer) there is still the chance of nipping out to the timber merchants or DIY store to buy a sheet of Plywood, and within a couple hours, you could be enjoying a BBQ or drinks in your garden sat at one of these tables.

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