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The small farm buildings used to store ice through the summer can usually be recognized by their thick insulated walls and few windows.
Ice harvested from the rivers and ponds of New England was a highly valuable cash crop in the 19th century.
This Ice house is a larger commercial one that used to live at Trumbull Connecticut till about 1954 called the Ed Katz Ice House. Large blocks of ice were cut in the winter, lifted by an elevator, and then stacked in the ice house. The ice man delivered the blocks of ice to homes with his horse drawn carriage, from which he would usually also sell coal and sometimes rags. After the ice house was demolished, some people felt that more should have been done to preserve the building since it was the last standing ice house in New England.
The use of ice for refrigeration became popular in New England by the middle of the nineteenth century, especially as farmers shifted to dairy production.

On the Penobscot, in order to reach the channel where deeply laden craft could navigate, large crib works built of heavy timber and ballasted with rock were place many yards out from the shore and use as loading stages. In 1890 3 million tons of ice were cut in Maine alone, requiring 25,000 men and 1,000 horses. To help prevent the huge blocks of ice from melting they were covered with sawdust so they could be sold in the warmer months.
A placard was placed in the windows of any homes requiring ice with a number indicating the block size to be delivered. Often located under evergreen trees or other shady locations, many icehouses have a small entry room lit by a small window and an insulated room, connected by air ducts to the ice storage space, for storing dairy products and meats. The old ice house was built against a pond located on Whitney Avenue, alongside of present day Teller Road. Packed in sawdust for insulation, the ice could keep throughout the summer months and be shipped as needed to any port from Boston to Brazil.

Kaatz acquired the ice house on Whitney Avenue as part of a settlement when the partnership in a previous ice business he was involved in broke up. Occasionally, brick or stone-walled ice houses where built into a bank of earth with an entrance facing the north. In the days before modern refrigeration, large blocks of ice were cut from local ponds and the Penobscot River and stored in large iceshouse.
In 1969 the town acquired this property and in May of 1978 the ice house was demolished because town officials felt that the structure had become too unsafe due to its rapidly dilapidating condition.

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