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When re-roofing your shed roof, you should make sure you have the proper ventilation to maximize the life of the roof. Next, install the SmartVent by bending at the routed hinge and having the uneven side of the vent placed against the wall and roof surfaces. It is recommended to install ice shield on top of the SmartVent extending up the wall about 12” to ensure a weather tight seal. Remove the plywood decking after the continuous cut and ensure the air flow is open from the shed wall vent to the soffit area. Nail the SmartVent similar to the eave detail and make it even with the bottom edge of the course of shingle next to be installed. Apply a roll of ice shield on top of the SmartVent even at the lower lift edge and directly to the plywood above the vent. Install the shingles over the starter course as you would normally at the eaves edge and continue up the roof.
Shed ventilation is so important all year long, but especially so during the winter months since you’re not opening windows.

Venting skylights can assist with good circulation as well as give you a little extra sunlight. In the event that your shed needs additional airflow, besides simple passive airflow, you can install something like a whirlybird roof vent, or a turbine air vent. Turbines are useful if your shed experiences high condensation, causing mildew buildup, or if you regularly work with a lot of chemicals.
This entry was posted in Maintenance and tagged shed smells, shed ventilation, ventilate, ventilation. The shed in my backyard often smells like mowed grass because that is where the lawn mower resides but after a while it just smells like dirt! When installing a new roof and siding, the standard application of SmartVent on the shed roof is having the exhaust ventilation closest to the shed wall is always the most desired. The easiest way to accomplish this is by using SmartVent as an off-wall shed exhaust.Ventilating the shed roof without removing the existing flashing and siding off of the shed wall means one less hassle and one less chance of having the expense to replace the wall siding and losing the bid.
If tarpaper was already installed, gently tuck the ice shield under the higher course of tarpaper so it laps over the ice shield by at least three inches or more.

This type of vent allows more control for times when you may want less airflow, such as the wintertime when it gets much colder. Be sure to find one or two ways to keep the air circulating in your shed so you can breathe easily! If you have any questions or comments on installation please call 1-800-622-4455 and ask for a roof ventilation technician to assist you.
Multiple wall vents will allow regular air circulation in and out of your shed, giving your walls and stored items the necessary air circulation they need to stay fresh.
This style of vent allows air to escape through the ceiling, making it good for high ceilings, peaked roofs and attic areas. Adding this accessory will allow extra light for you to work with, as well as good circulation for your shed.

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