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Made with metal and vinyl cladding, we love how strong and durable the structure of this shed really is. Security is a main feature of this garden shed, with various features helping to make it one of the most secure models on the market. Typically Waltons only offer one extra for the Yardmaster metal garden sheds and this is an anchor kit. When you need a large garden shed but you don’t have a huge budget, we recommend this model.
One of the most popular metal sheds on the market today, the Yardmaster 65 GEYZ metal shed provides a fantastic storage solution for your outdoor and garden equipment. Gardeners who are looking for a practical storage solution will be delighted with this sturdy, secure and lockable shed. Purchasing a new garden shed or outdoor storage facility can be an exciting yet somewhat overwhelming task considering the amount of choice that is available to you. Exterior: This metal shed is constructed from hot-dipped galvanised steel cladding which is painted both inside and out enabling it to blend into the natural surroundings of your garden. This Yardmaster metal shed is delivered directly to your door in a flat-packed package containing all the panels, roofing, fixtures and fittings required for assembly. This highly practical shed is constructed of a tough galvanised steel exterior that offers a superb protection for items stored inside against the elements as well as damp, mould and rust. It is very easy to put together as well, so it shouldn’t be long before the building is up and ready to use.
The Yardmaster 104PZ Pent Metal Shed is a highly practical shed designed to provide a tough, durable storage solution for your outdoor and garden equipment.
If you are looking for a new shed for your garden then the Yardmaster Pent Metal Shed may look slightly intimidating as its tough steel exterior is far from the aesthetically pleasing look of the traditional timber shed that we are all used to.
Doors: The set of double sliding doors cover half of the width of the shed, providing easy access for items to be taken in and out of the shed. The Yardmaster Pent Metal Shed is easy to assemble thanks to its straight forward design and structure.
Yardmaster are a British company that design and manufacture a large range of metal sheds using high quality materials that will be protecting your items and serving their purpose for many years to come within your garden. The spectacular Yardmaster 104PZ Pent Metal Shed performs as impressively as it looks on the outside.
It has been built with hot dipped galvanised steel, promising an incredibly stable design that will easily withstand daily wear and tear.

It will never need to be treated which means you save a lot of money over time in comparison to wooden garden sheds. The floorless feature means you can store more than you could in a wooden shed for example.
With a strong metal construction and being completely secure thanks to the lockable doors this is one of the safest sheds out there. If you have decided that a metal shed is what you are looking for then this a step in the right direction. The doors on the Yardmaster metal shed admittedly are not the widest we have seen but they are suitable for purpose and come complete with an easy entry ramp for easy access and transportation of items in and out of the shed. Having your shed locked will give you the ultimate peace of mind that your items are completely secure when not in use.
It is recommended that a team of two people work together to assemble the shed for safety reasons due to the size and weight of some of the parts.
Their focus is on creating strong, durable and secure buildings that will last a lifetime, protecting your outdoor and garden equipment for many years to come.
Complete with a 12 year rust guarantee from the manufacturers, you can be sure that this high performance shed will still be standing strong in many years to come. The shed cones complete with double sliding doors complete with a secure lock giving you good security against theft.
However, if you are looking for something that is sturdy enough to withstand whatever the weather over time can throw at it then a metal shed just might be for you and your garden after all.
The Yardmaster Pent Metal Shed is certainly no exception and shows just how a fantastic quality shed can be so affordable. Due to this design, it does mean you will have to assemble the shed on a hard, flat surface such as concrete. Whilst they don’t slide all the way to the end of the building, they still provide plenty of access space. Not only does it mean that the shed comes with everything you could possibly need, but it also means you don’t have to spend extra money doing it up. Nothing is too much for Yardmaster sheds, as whatever the weather may throw at them and even in the most extreme conditions, their metal sheds keep performing year after year. At this amazing price it is at the lower end of the price range for similar sized metal sheds.
The building also benefits from having no floor so you can easily store heavier items without risk of damage.

It is recommended that two people assembly the shed together for safety reasons due to the size and weight of the parts. Whether you find the exterior aesthetically pleasing or not, there’s no denying that this shed is worth every penny of the amazingly affordable price. They even supply rust resistant screws to assemble the shed for absolute maximum durability.
For example, you could easily get a ride on lawnmower in and out of the building with no hassle. The fact it is also fire retardant means your stored items are always safe even if a fire breaks out on the outside of the shed.
It is durable, secure and extremely weather resistant so you can simply get on with enjoying the shed without worrying about any additional expenses.
With a galvanised steel exterior and a 12 year rust guarantee straight from the manufacturers, Yardmaster are confident that this metal shed will keep its high performance, season after season, year after year.
You shed will be delivered flat-packed and will contain all of the parts, fixtures and fittings required for assembly.
Weatherproof, even the harshest of weather will not sway this shed and your belongings will be kept dry and secure inside all year round. This metal shed will still be protecting your outdoor and garden equipment in many, many years to come. The steel frame keeps the shed extremely stable, ensuring it doesn’t sag or deteriorate over time. As well as being built from thief-proof materials, the lockable doors also add to the buildings overall security. The 12-year rust guarantee shows Yardmaster’s complete confidence that this metal shed will last the distance, standing in your garden for many years to come. Very low maintenance, this metal shed will not require much more than a clean every now and then.
Further storage can be added vertically using freestanding shelving or storage systems to take advantage of the 6ft height of the shed.
They are fully lockable too so you can be sure whatever you choose to keep in the shed is always fully protected.

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