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Published : 03.01.2015 | Author : admin | Categories : Ikea Storage Shed
The car inspection pit is actually necessary for motorists wishing independently to carry out repairs or service of their cars.
The width of the inspection pit wells depends on the car, it is necessary to know the cross-axle distance of your car and deduct the 150-200 mm on each side, this will be the width.
If the garage is small, car inspection pit must be shifted so that the driver’s door would normally open and the garage wall would not prevent it.

For convenience, perform maintenance vehicle in the walls of the pit can be done in-depth shelf for the convenient location of tools and spare parts. It should be noted if you have even a slight desire independently to inspect the undercarriage of the car, replace the oil, filters, minor repairs, the inspection pit in the garage will be very useful. As well it is an additional source of moisture it is very important to do waterproofing of inspection pit of the ground, as the damp, which will be formed due to bad sealing will go out of the pit and immediately hit by a car, which leads subsequently to the corrosion of the car.

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