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I now this is a horrible render, but it does show what I'm talking about with the roof line. I would run this plan through the building dept so a voice of reason is included in the process. We would like to reconstruct the roof single pitch, extending over entire upper deck, adding support posts where needed so we can run exterior curtains to close off deck. We have not chosen specific roofing material yet, but are thinking another lightweight material like the corregated PVC as before (not shingles or shakes).
We prefer not to use an awning as we want to protect the cedar deck and furniture over our 6 months of snow. An awning does not fit well with the look we are trying to achieve, in the pics what you cannot see is we also have a lower level deck with stone fireplace and more privacy walls. If you're serious about some day enclosing the deck area to make it a 3-seasons room, you may have to go with continuous concrete footings under the (future) exterior walls. My husband was thinking of using the existing ledger by attaching a triagle shaped gable to the ledger, so the shed style roof is perched above the ledger but supported by joist hangers onto original ledger. I believe a workable solution would be a roof structure consisting of 4 corner columns (supported on concrete footings below frost line) supporting 2 separate full-length beams parallel to the house (similar if not identical to the one that's there now), which in turn will be supporting joists perpendicular to the house. I prefer to go through a structural engineer to plan the project, as in all my research I have learned alot, but also saw the big picture of how much I do not know. So regarding your post suggesting how to work it: your design is exactly what we were imagining, except you are adding 2 more posts that are on frost pilings. I think I miscommunicated what I meant about "midway support posts", I was not suggesting posts in the middle of the deck but on far perimeter, where the railing is now, but if the engineered beam can span 24', then no need! We will face challenges digging 4' holes, beside an existing deck, tight spaces, likely hand digging only, and will hit hard clay quickly. We want to see what is possible first before drawing and approaching permit department, frankly they have not been that helpful over the phone. The following steps to building a porch roof like the one pictured above (shed or hip-type roof) will give you a general idea of how it's done and what's involved.

Normally, you will want to replicate the same rise and run you have on the main roof of your home. 3 inches below any windows allowing for the thickness of your roofing materials (at least 2 inches). Snap a chalk line on top of your porch or deck on the outside line of the beam that supports your flooring. On this building a porch roof project, a beam is placed against the ledger board and fastened to the top of the end column.
For this building a porch roof project, we needed to provide nailing support for siding and to enclose the ends. TIP: If building a porch roof (or any roof) in snow country you should consider using an ice and water barrier along the edge of the roof line.
A planar truss, like the one at right, lies in a single plane and is usually used together to form the roof support structure.
Squaring the beams and bracing them to ensure the maintain square is essential to the roof building process. Finally, the framed roof is now ready for sheathing as outlined in the roof construction steps above. We highly recommend the following books and other resources if you are considering building a porch roof as they detail many of the steps we discussed above. Be sure to see our information about Step-By-Step Guide to Building a Porch; begin at the foundation and end on the roof!
One of these days, we will use it for roofing a derelict cinder block garagx which lost it all during some long ago hurricane.
Apprently if we don't, it's considered changing the integrity of the original deck and if we do that, we would have to take up all existing decking and add hurricane clips and other such things to get the deck to current code.
We are now looking into a custom aluminum patio cover that can be placed on the existing deck. I picture a full length roofed (PVC) upper deck, outdoor chandelier over the table, bar in the corner, beautiful lighting, heater overhead, outdoor curtains for extra shade and privacy, etc.

We provide a link below to information regarding how to calculate and make these special cuts. When building a porch roof, asphalt shingles (or other roofing material) are then attached over the roofing paper and drip edge. We'd like to build some kind of roof, whether gabled or shed over it, but aren't sure how to tie it in. You could build your gable roof at the height that you want and when it ties into the your existing roof, you will slope the new roof back down to match the slope of the front of the house.
Beams on the posts with one hung with joists hangers in the center joists on 16'' centers, Lexann roof. It may not look it from the picture, but this deck is extremely sturdy and isn't going anywhere. The deck CAN NOT support the posts and the posts have to have concrete footers, to code, even if on a patio.
We also want to be able to run outdoor curtains between posts on the far side as the deck is south facing and with the reflection from the house it reaches 40C + in the summer and can fry bacon and eggs on the table its so hot. The footer requirement had me scrap the project, since my plans were to cover part of a deck over an existing patio. Our south facing deck gets absolute extremes of weather, and the awning could not be pitched enough to block the late afternoon sun that torches the deck in the summer, hence why I want exterior curtains. We really like the idea of letting the pros figure out how to tie the roof new roof into the existing overhang and these guys are young and could use the work.

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