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You can make your own hand tamper by nailing a 12-inch piece of 2 x 6 to the end of 4 x 4 post.Position deck blocks to create a layout measuring roughly 6 x 8 feet.
This overhang will drain rainwater off the wall and onto the ground rather than allowing it to seep into the shed. Place it on the short side of the shed layout where the terrain is at its highest elevation.

Using deck screws, temporarily attach the board level to the 4 x 4 posts, ensuring that its ends are flush with the outside edges of the posts.Cut a piece of pressure-treated 2 x 6 lumber to 92 inches and place it on a long side.
This ensures that the roof deck isn't exposed by the gaps in the first shingle course.Lay the first shingle course directly over the starter strip, working left to right. Repeat at the other end, ensuring that the long side measures 72 inches.Mark the truss layout on the floor deck.

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