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Install a support brace at the front and back of the shed to temporarily hold it in place during the building process, attaching it to the top plate of the wall.
Frame in (or install) studs at each of the ends of the roof and cover them with wall covering. Using fiberglass or metal roofing allows you to complete the roof and avoid the cost of roofing shingles.
If you live in a climate that has lot of ice and snow in the winter, a greater pitch may be needed to avoid accumulation roof collapse. I would advise to put some kind of liner underneath the shingles, especially if youve got powertools stored in the shed.

I had some looong conversations with the people in the roofing departments in both Lowe's and Home Depot (made sure to talk to a lot of people, because it's hard to get accurate advice from one person that may or may not have done a roof!), and they all mentioned that the type of shingles I used, with the OSB, in my climate wouldn't require the use of another underlayment. I have been looking for something like this to build and put on my back deck for a potting shed. If you are building a shed from a kit, then most likely the roof is pre-assembled (or cut). His favorite article he’s worked on is How to Watch Star Wars on Command Prompt, but the first edit he ever made was a spelling correction on How to Test for Diabetes in Cats. I was so crazy about building, I found a way around anything to work on a project.But over the years, slowly, tool by tool, I've been working up to a dedicated work space.

I would have definitely pre-built everything and assembled it after I got my HOA's approval if I'd have known!- This was my first roofing project, and this product made it SO EASY. When you do something on a regular basis, it sure makes life easier to have a dedicated work station for it! So when my friend Gina from Lady Goats wrote me saying, Help, Ana, I'm building in the rocks and dirt!

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