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Published : 27.11.2015 | Author : admin | Categories : Cabinet Plans
We have a lot of great information about sheds covering everything from building a foundation to characteristics of a high-quality shed. One aspect we haven’t covered is building a shed ramp so I was glad to help a friend build a ramp for his shed a couple of weeks ago.
The framing of the shed has a little lip underneath the door, and to begin, we ripped a 2 x 4″ so that our ledger board would mount flush with the face of the shed. Making sure it was completely level, we anchored the 2 x 6″ ledger board underneath the shed doors with lag screws (and washers). We used a 2 x 4″ to estimate a comfortable slope for our ramp, and we staked out an area just big enough to fit the concrete blocks.

While my friend began working on the ramp stringers, I screwed a 2 x 4″ along the bottom side of the ledger board. My friend painted the entire ramp to match his shed, and this has the added benefit of another protective layer. All of these shed posts over the last few months makes me really want to get going on building my own. The top of the ramp is about 1″ below the floor level, and that sits just underneath the doors. I love reading about all the different sheds and this one about adding a ramp is fantastic.

Thinking back, we should have marked the locations for our ramp stringers beforehand to ensure the lag screws wouldn’t be in the way.

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