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I want the add-on building to be 36' deep so that my 24' gooseneck trailer can be parked in it and stay dry. I was not planning on putting siding on the end that butts up against the existing building, just extend the existing sides out 3 feet on the existing end to meet the corner 6x6 posts of the addition. As stated above, I'm also not sure how to best deal with the corner that will be below grade.
I thought about a lean on roof, but it would need to extend 3 feet on either side of the existing building to get my trailer covered.
I think it will be difficult to add any type of structural support give the construction of the existing building (metal columns with wooden 2x4 girths).

If not, I would build same height as your current building with a resulting higher roof, same style, pitch as your current building.
If by lean to roof you mean attaching to your current building and sloping to the new wall 32 away, I would not do this.
I see many sheds with an addition like you prepose, I'd do the same foundation type the original has, if the 'offset' truss proves to be spendy you just get traditional trusses and line up the front of the building, let the back of the building be offset, and you have a funny little seam and roof sliver that has to be sided, takes a lot of cutting of tin, but tends to look ok when you are done. Here's another page from the manual with a picture showing more or less how my retaining wall would look when completed, if I get up going that route.
I put blue masking tape on each pole to shop the level that the poured floor will be at (bottom edge of tape).

I plan to cut these to length and put around each pole and pour to bring concrete up to floor level.

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