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This Unturned talk is a candidate for speedy deletion.Before deletion, check what links to this page, the page history, and the page log. For the most part, if you've just started playing Unturned, housing and shelter is not really necessary if you can stay alive. For the most part, you need to make sure that you have sufficient supplies to build a house. A few good places to build a base are near Wiltshire farm, Ferwood farm, St.Peter's Island, ( build your base away from the helicopter though, as it spawns military zombies near it), Outons Island, as it has a bunker, Summerside Peninsula, as the ground is flat, making a base near O'Leary Military base, as it has access to weapons, ammunition and it spawns some rare drops (the PEI map) or near any town (Burywood,Alberton, Charlottetown and Motague).

Light up the inside by using 2 Bolts and 2 Sticks to craft a Brazier, and place it on the wall to light up your house. If we calculate the amount of wood required to make the basic house, we will need approximately 15 logs or more, requiring about 2-4 trees to be chopped down.
Craft and place down your first Wooden Foundation on a flat piece of land, with every corner visible, and take note that if you want to make the house bigger, you will need to ensure the surrounding terrain is flat too, lest your additional foundations clip into the ground, preventing you from placing pillars. They can and will aggro on player-placed objects like your walls and floor, so try not to build inside towns and bases unless you have enough traps to keep them away.

If you ever want to make your house stronger, you can build stone variations of the components, and replace the door with a Metal Door instead.

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