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If you're like most homeowners, you know that there's no such thing as enough storage space.
The best approach to building roof trusses is to use a jig laid out either on the shed floor or on a piece of plywood.Start by drawing a centerline across the plywood. Popular MechanicsAdvertisement - Continue Reading BelowWith the trusses in place, install siding on the gable ends and build the gable overhang from 2 x 4 blocking nailed along the rake of the roof. Photograph by Neal BarrettAdvertisement - Continue Reading BelowI'm something of an expert on building backyard sheds. 1Pick The Construction Site Carefully - Ensure that the place you select for constructing the shed and its surroundings don't have any big stones or slopes. 2Use The Right Wood For Construction -Remember to talk with your local DIY store about using the best kind of wood, that is pressure treated, for building your shed. 4Seal or Stain Immediately - In many regions, termites and bees become a problem for any wooden building.
If you think you are good with using power tools an expert at diy woodworking projects, then you should have no problem building your own storage shed using just the shed blueprints. But if you are new to woodworking constructing your own shed may be a challenging project for you to do on your own. Also, you may not readily find the shape size and design of shed you are planning to build in the for a shed kit.
How to Design and Build a Storage Shed for Your YardFind out how to design and build an attractive and functional storage shed for your yard, from building codes and setbacks to framing the shed from the ground up. Every home needs a storage shed in the yard to keep tools, lawn equipment, and gardening supplies organized. Shed Design: How to decide on the use, location, size, style, and placement of windows and doors for your shed. Shed Building Codes: How to determine property line setback requirements and neighborhood covenant restrictions for a shed. Types of Sheds: Sheds are available as prebuilt units, ready to assemble kits, and custom built designs. We spoke with Joe Truini about the foundation situation and how that changes you know in different areas of the country, but here we have the blocks down and as soon as they got the blocks down and then shot the level on them. Pete, this is just a perfect way to display the building but it looks so nice people have to be using for more than just storage. Yeah, that makes sense, instead of getting two separate buildings for those two different uses. Pete this is just a perfect way to display the building but it looks so nice people have to be using for more than just storage. I've constructed more than a dozen sheds, written a magazine article or two about sheds, appeared on TV to discuss sheds, and have even written a shed-building book for do-it-yourselfers.So it's not surprising that people often ask me for advice about putting together a backyard storage building.

Start With a Sound FoundationNo shed, regardless of how well it's built, will last long if it's set on a weak base. If you may end up needing more space later, you don't want to have take apart you shed and rebuild it.
In this case it may be better for you to buy a pre-built DIY shed kit and just assemble it. That a lot of them, a lot of people will position these buildings right up against a fence and you really usually have to have those setbacks. This will allow fresh air to exit out of the top of the building that is introduced by the ventilated soffit that they installed earlier, right along the eaves here. Those rules that may stipulate a maximum size for the shed or even prohibit building one at all.
To accommodate our sloped site, we built on solid concrete blocks set on compacted crushed limestone.Start by laying out and staking the four corners of the shed. Most sheds can be supported by an on-grade foundation, which consists of solid concrete blocks or pressure-treated wood timbers set directly on the ground.
If the soil is not stable, dig out about 10 inches of ground and fill it with gravel or concrete to build a solid foundation. If you have enough space and resources, try to build as big a shed as possible, to avoid running out of space in the future.
A shed this size would never tip over but a metal shed would be subject to the wind blowing it over, so in this case we have it tied down to the ground. Now one of the reasons they are able to move along so quickly on this is that they have developed a system of assembling certain components of the shed bringing it out on the job in order to minimize the amount of time they spend actually out on the job site. So it was really a nice use of one building for two different, completely different purposes. And for the storage needs of the homeowners the loft overhead will provide them all the storage that they can possibly use. The concrete blocks or timbers (aka skids) must be leveled and spaced closely enough to properly support the shed's floor frame.
However, the price of buying a shed kit would be certainly more than just buying the lumber and constructing your won shed. Now you can load all the up and take it to a storage unit and pay that rent each month or you can do what these homeowners have decided to do and hire a company to come in and build a storage shed onsite.
And besides the obvious logistic advantages that any shed offers, these things can be a real asset to the landscaping because their designs are interesting and attractive. Note that it's important to use solid concrete blocks, not hollow wall blocks, which can easily crack.Also, you should never build a shed in a wet, low-lying area, and if the site is exposed to occasional rainwater runoff, set the blocks or timbers on 2 in. And so with these inquisitive souls in mind I present my favorite tricks of the shed trade.

Then, build the opposite long wall.On the window wall, space the studs from a center stud to suit the window openings.
That'll help protect the foundation from erosion.Larger sheds, typically those more than 200 sq. That's sufficient space to allow fresh air to circulate under the shed.Leave at least 2 ft. Building it too close to trees, shrubs, fences or other structures will block out sunlight and wind that help keep a shed dry. Plus, having clearance space around a shed makes it much easier when it comes time to paint or make repairs.3. Build a Weather-Resistant Floor FrameThere are several ways to economize when building a shed: Install three-tab roof shingles instead of architectural shingles, or use grooved-plywood siding in place of cedar bevel siding. But don't ever skimp on the building materials used for the floor frame or plywood floor deck.
I can't tell you how often I've walked into a shed and found the floor to be dangerously spongy. One building in particular had a floor so badly rotted it felt like one of those inflatable moonwalk attractions you see at carnivals.When building the floor frame, which includes the mudsill, floor joists and perimeter band joists, use 2 x 6 or 2 x 8 pressure-treated lumber. Many prefab sheds use untreated construction-grade lumber for the floor frame, which is fine--if you plan to keep your shed indoors. Use Low-Maintenance MaterialsMost homeowners barely have enough time to keep their homes in shape, never mind their sheds. You usually need to pay a bit extra for these, but they'll save you time and trouble in the long run.For example, the last three sheds I built were trimmed with white PVC trim boards instead of painted cedar 1 x 4s. Get Smart About Door Size and PlacementI'm always surprised at how little forethought most backyard builders give to the shed's doors. After all, there's no sense in building a shed to store a particular item, such as a lawn tractor or wheelbarrow, if you can't fit it through the door. They require additional wall space, however, to slide over when opened.Door placement is also important. You often see doors placed on the gable end of the building, which looks nice, but makes it virtually impossible to reach items stored at the rear of the shed.

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