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The other building, which sits at a higher elevation, has a similar shed roof, even though it is not bermed into the ground.
The advantage of modular roof trays like the ones used on this shed roof is that they come preplanted, so you don’t have to worry about whether your plantings will take.Inspiration for a rustic detached gardening shed in Philadelphia. The vertical space that is created as a result of the two jutting roof angles is the perfect spot for clerestory windows.Design ideas for a contemporary exterior in Grand Rapids with wood siding and a shed roof.

The wedge shape has a clear front and back side that can be used to buffer prevailing wind patterns, and to direct water and snow away from walkways, entry points and gathering places.
Again, the tall space is oriented to the sun, though it is shifted relative to the main building so as to capture views past it.Photo of a contemporary exterior in Seattle with wood siding and a shed roof. The main building, in the foreground, is partially bermed into the slope, opening up to the sunlight and shedding water and snow to the rear.Design ideas for a contemporary exterior in Seattle with metal siding and a shed roof.

In this way the roof form delivers on its name, shedding the undesirable elements from the places we use most often.

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