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Contemporary living designs homes in such a way that you can fulfill all your desires from home if necessary. No matter how big our homes get, we often continue to fill them with more¬†things and necessary¬†activities, but they aren’t always fulfilling. Using your shed as a creative space can be good for your mind, especially if you do it alone.
Using your shed as office space gives you time to be productive in a space that will give your mind time to think, rather than being distracted by other household tasks. Aside from those busy bees who work from home, having a productive space is good for just about anyone. Turning your shed into a guest house or an apartment for more longer-term visitors might be just the answer to everyone’s needs.
However you use your extra room, make sure that your shed gives you a space to be alone, reduce your stress, be creative and productive or just give you space from your loved ones.

An old garden shed a few steps away from her back door gave homeowner Kathryn Allen a solution to a pesky problem.
Vanessa Hayes is a Professional Organizer and the "Chief Simplicity Officer" at Get Simplifized! We decided that an actual office was not only necessary to keep the peace, but also to keep our sanity.
Photo of a modern home office with white walls, dark hardwood floors and a freestanding desk. Using your shed to make a contemporary, stress-free zone will help you fulfill your life in a more meaningful way.
A lot of design went into the shed structure itself, but the structure design was born from the functionality we wanted the inside of the shed to have. Whether you use your shed for a man cave, an artistic nook, an exercise studio or a crafting room, what you’re doing is making a place for yourself that is a stress free zone.

Using your shed to be productive on your personal projects is a healthy way to clear your mind of all those projects piling up.
The office took a couple of months to build as my husband could only work on it nights and weekends. She is available for hands-on organizing, virtual organizing, and organization consulting for new home builders, remodelers or anyone seeking to simplify and organize their lives. Together, we got pretty tired of our temporary offices and the clutter that inevitably takes over.

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