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Simple Outdoor Design with Natural Wood Garden Storage Shed Kit, Black Iron Outdoor Wall Lighting Fixtures, and Wooden Framed Casement Windows - .
These small Sheds are handy if you have a small gap that you could turn into a useful storage area. Materials such as dirt, dust or loose wood fibers can prevent the wood from absorbing the stain. Whatever your plan, the process of staining wood is relatively easy and can give your building a distinctive look.
The timber used in these sheds is locally sourced and milled by us at Plankville here in Richmond, Nelson. Solid color stains are also excellent for protecting the wood against harsh weather elements. I wish you luck with your staining projects and I know your storage buildings will look twice as appealing after you're finished!

I'd like to share some of my thoughts on how to go about staining different types of wood such as pine wood siding and pressure treated wood. Using a putty knife, you scrape off the old stain that is beginning to peel away from the wood. They are milled by us at Plankville and the timber is manufactuered into sheds by our Plankville team.
Once all of the old stain is removed, you have to sand the surface of the wood in preparation for a brand new coat of stain. If you want to go 100 % natural, we can build your shed on Red-Gum or Heart Macrocarpa skids. You may be thinking about adding a little extra appeal to your wooden storage building by staining its walls a deep shade of brown. In this artist's garden, mini trellises, a sculpture and a door with a window add character to a simple kit.The shed is perched between a dog run and an arbor in this terraced garden.

Remember: Before staining a pine wood or pressure treated wood you must make sure it's completely dry.
When you start to apply the stain to a wall, it's important to brush in the direction of the wood's grain. As you can see, restaining wood is a project that takes a little more time and effort than staining a wooden storage building for the first time. I suggest that you consult the directions on the can of stain to see how long it takes to dry. Once they are 100% dry, you'll be able to determine whether you want to apply another coat of stain to make the walls darker.

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