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We stock many different types of Garden Shed including tongue and groove and overlap sheds options too.
Here at Walton’s we also stock other types of garden buildings like greenhouses, playhouses, summerhouses and Log Cabins. We are a leading supplier and installer of garden sheds, summerhouses, bunkers and dog kennels in Liverpool and across Merseyside. As Liverpool’s oldest and longest established Garden Shed Suppliers we can proudly say we have little to no competition when it comes down to over all value for money pound for pound . You will then be hit with hundreds of pages of competing web pages that have something to do with sheds in Liverpool. Lower down you will have a selection of More Local Garden Shed Suppliers in Liverpool these listings show up on a map next to the individual listings. So why would you buy a Garden Shed from a London shed suppliers when we have plenty of choice here in Liverpool.
So put all that stuff behind you and do the sensible thing, get your self down to our Show Site Factory at 43 Jamaica Street , Liverpool , L10AH and see for your self the actual difference in quality sheds we have to offer .
NO fancy sales men trying to trick you into buying something you do not need .If you are looking for a sheds in Liverpool then take our advise , read this page.
We have been doing this for over 35 years, so what ever you are looking for in a Timber Garden Shed – City Centre Sheds Liverpool will have the answer and can offer you the very best value pound for pound . As Liverpool’s leading ¬†garden shed manufactures we are able to be flexible when it comes to supplying the building you really need . We are your one stop shop for strong long lasting timber garden sheds if you live in the Liverpool . Now i was born and lived in Liverpool and know the score , but when people come on the phone and say that it really gets my back up.
Did you know most of the shed suppliers in Liverpool and in fact actually use seconds grade timber ! Small garden sheds such as this 6ft long by 4ft wide shed is ideal if you are pushed for space, yet still need some storage capacity outside of the home.

Only, really suitable for the storage of maybe a lawn mower and a few garden tools or maybe a few garden chairs.
A great sized shed for a medium sized garden and with the durability and good looks of T&G cladding.
This size of garden shed comes complete with side window on either right or left side of the building with the option to hang the door so that it opens to either the left or the right. Large sheds such as this 10ft x 6ft structure are perfect for those who need just that little extra from their storage sheds. Please contact our experts and they will be more than happy to discuss the perfect shed for your needs.
The image shows a custom made shed that we were asked to install without windows, however the standard model does come complete with windows along one side of the building.
Please note - We are NOT selling cheap low grade seconds quality sheds as some suppliers in the Liverpool area .
Other suppliers of garden sheds in Liverpool offer matchstick like framework for their sheds. These are traditionally the types of shed that people think of when picturing a garden shed.
Apex Roof Sheds Have an upside down 'V' type roof, whereas pent roof sheds have a roof that slopes from front to back or vice versa.
Our range includes buildings in all shapes and sizes so you can choose the right option for your garden and needs.
Liverpool is a large and beautiful city; there are more Grade II Listed buildings than any other city. On this website, you’ll find more information about the type of garden sheds, bunkers, dog kennels and summerhouses we have available, along with sizes and prices.
The top 2 or 3 are paid for listings where those particular web sites have paid Google for each time some one clicks on those words – Sheds Liverpool or Garden Sheds Liverpool . These listing you can be sure are actually based in the Liverpool Area , with an actual physical address , compared to some of the big national suppliers who use key words to make it out they are shed suppliers in Liverpool when in fact they may well be in London or in fact anywhere in the country.

We are aware that standard sheds do not always suit everyone , you may have a very tight narrow space or a unused corner in your garden that you could make better use of.
As with all things in life you only get what you pay for , same with garden sheds and summerhouses . Rought sawn timbers in the roof and floor and very thin framing all of which make the shed cheaper ! That is what we do offer value for money sheds in Liverpool , made in Liverpool by local lads . Take a trip to B&Q and you will see that their shed range feature thin frames that could rot within a couple of seasons.
With some simple aftercare these sheds could easily survive several harsh winters and baking hot summers. This city is also famed for being the home of many popular and successful pop starts like The Beatles, Liverpool holds the ‘Guinness World Record’ for being the Capital of Pop! They are made from interlocking timbers; this type of construction makes the shed supremely strong and durable.
All our staff are expericanced hands on shed makers and installers so you will get a straight answer. So as a very rough price guide  select the nearest larger shed than you are looking for and add 10 to 20% . Our log cabins are perfect if you want to add extra space to you home; they make great garden offices. We stock all sizes of sheds from very large workshop style buildings to smaller options like storage chests.

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