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We’ve seen this featured 2 story building alond with another 2 story building with a front porch across the front either in Commerce, Ga or at another Home Depot.
You can buy the exact same shed or any number of buildings, including small houses, guesthouses and inlaw suites from local builders specializing in backyard construction. I have thought about making a tiny home out of a shed since I was a kid but it was never a serious thought until I was at Home Depot Sunday and I saw this one and I just immediately pictured turning it into a home. Our cabin did not start out with one of these, but when we saw one of those sheds at our Lowe’s we knew that it would have been a good start on our cabin. Credit CenterSpecial Financing Available Everyday* See Offer & Details Make a Payment Get It InstalledThe Home Depot makes home installation and repair easy. Designed for maximum storage potential, the Majestic 8×12 shed features an additional 48 sq. The light brown wood siding allows you to customize your 8×12 shed with paint and shingles to match your home (not included).
Crafted from tight-knot cedar, the Garden Caddy offers a 48"w x 18"d fold-down work surface with 5 shelves (two are adjustable) and wood peg hanging system.
Customizing a shed to fit your needs is easier than you think.  You can quickly add a theme to your shed with some paint and decals, or check out our accessories to see our shelves and organizers.

The shed was pretty much straight forward and easy to put together as the instructions were very clear.
I took a picture of it and told a few of my friends and then I went online and found that a few people have used this exact one to turn into a home. You can contact HHP customer service department at 800-221-1849 and they can arrange for the shipment of the product to your house. However, there are many more uses for a shed of this size that most people don’t realize. In terms of any parts missing, I did have to buy some bolts which were not included in the shed assembly kit. I would say the $8,700 shown for the Home Depot shed above is about what I would expect to pay if all I did was write a check.
If you require signed and stamped drawings they can be obtained from our customer service department for a fee – 800-221-1849. I had some help putting together the shed but I was able to have it prepped and finished in approximately 8 hours done over a two day span. Thanks to the two windows included, natural light can help you navigate inside the shed so you can easily see your tools and equipment without the need for electricity.

I used pressure treated 2 by 4's, piers of concrete, a hammer, nails, a tape measure and saw to build the shed. Since you won’t need electricity during the day to work inside your shed, you will actually save money! The only problem which I came across were the missing parts, but after informing Home Depot, I was given the said parts for free. Lifetime sheds are constructed from high-density polyethylene plastic (HDPE) and steel reinforcements for durability and low maintenance.
I found the shed to be more than satisfactory and it hasn't sprung a leak just yet (although I've only had it for approximately a year now). I haven't had any problems with the shed just yet and I would definitely recommend it to others. Note: This shed must be built on a flat level foundation of wood or concrete (not included).

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