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Design solutions, designer interviews, room makeovers, garden tips, video tours, sweepstakes news, and special offers. If you love sitting and taking in nature’s beauty, this arbor-and-bench combo is for you. To assemble the arbor posts (C) and pipes (two assemblies), first cut four 30-inch-long pieces from scrap 2x4s to use as braces. Stain the arbor a color of your choice (Arboretum shown) following the manufacturer’s instructions.
To mark centerpoints for the holes in the bench legs (H) to receive the copper pipes, position the legs with their faces tight together and the ends aligned.

Mount the bench ends (E) to the stretchers to complete the seat frame using 6-in HeadLok screws.
On a flat surface, position the leg assemblies on end and place the seat frame on the assemblies, ensuring the outside surfaces of the frame and legs are flush. Stain the bench a color of your choice (Arboretum shown) following the manufacturer’s instructions. But a hand-built cedar bench, framed by an arbor, gives you a more permanent place to kick back as the weather warms up, and adds an elegant architectural feature. Drive a pair of HeadLok screws through the bench ends (E) and into the legs (H) where shown.
After verifying they’re square, place two 2x4 braces across the faces of the posts, one at the top end and the other near the bottom pipe.

Or you can let the bench remain free of greenery—it's eye-catching enough on its own. Place a bench seat slat (G) between the legs at each end as a spacer, and clamp the assembly squarely together.

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