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Should you be looking for some garage plans that you can download and put to use straight away you’ve arrived at the right place. While these sites will remain unnamed, it’s just a wonder that folks can charge such an incredible amount for garage plans when there are more suitable options at just a fraction of this.
Aside from the over priced garage plans refereed to above, the lack of quality free garage plans that I found online was just as much of a let down. It took a bit of time, but finally found a good solution, while not free, it is significantly less than the above examples and is great quality. Teds Woodworking shares with you several unique garage plans (17 Infact!) along with 3 quality carport plans.
Building a garage is easier than building a house, but garages have some issues that houses don’t.

Both renovating and building anew are particular times to keep the garage fumes from polluting the air in your house.
Therefore, make a point of sealing any gaps as part of your garage construction or renovation. Even if you’re tempted to leave them raw to make your life easier, be sure and finish the walls and ceilings of your new garage properly with drywall, tape, and compound, then prime and paint the walls and ceilings properly. The slab is the foundation of your garage, and if you’re pouring a new one there are some simple steps you can take to be sure it lasts as long as everything else. Insist on a vapor barrier under the concrete, as it will keep moisture from moving up and condensing on equipment in your garage, causing rust.
If you live in a cold climate, make sure your concrete has air-entraining agents which will prevent cracking from annual freeze-thaw cycles.

This is a full plan set for a truss roof version meant to be used for costing, planning, choosing contractors, ordering materials, obtaining a permit, and building the extra space on your property. To download this free plan you must first provide your name and email in the form below so that we can send it to you. Even if you’re just remodeling the garage, there are some simple tips you can follow to make sure everything goes smoothly.
Aside from the 17 quality plans offered, you’ll also find several hundreds of other handy plans as well.

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