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Don’t get stuck when organizing the garage –instead, design with family organization in mind.
Design a garage layout with organizing zones to keep your garage running smoothly and maximize its storage potential for the whole family. Hi Terri, you can always remove storage zones 3 and 5 on one side of the garage to make room for all the items you mentioned. We have a Garage Shelving product we represent called Monkey Bars, they have a bit more modern industrial look but they do a great job and can support a lot of weight. In any garage organization project, the first step is usually the most challenging for the homeowner.
To layout how the cabinetry and storage systems will be configured, some of the firms use computer aided design (CAD) software to figure out which cabinets will go where, how much stuff they will hold and what it will look like when it’s finished.

The length of a garage makeover project – not counting the clean-out time is usually about four to five days but if your space requires custom cabinets, you should tack on a couple more weeks. The modern garage is generally considered a descendent of the old time carriage house where the family kept their horse-drawn wheels. We usually think of the garage as a place to park our cars and store bulky items, with not much thought to what goes where. A simple redesign of your garage can make all the difference, specifically when you assign organizing “zones” to each section of the garage. Frequently used outdoor and yard gear should be placed by the garage door for easy access when you need it. You’ll be amazed at how much space you really have when you use smart organization and stick to it.

We have helped with many installations and have helped hundreds of families reclaim their garage storage.
The word garage is derived from the French "garer," which means "to shelter or protect." Early garage doors opened out, like barn doors but in 1921 the first overhead door was invented. You can incorporate wall storage into your garage so toys can be placed in large wall-mounted wire baskets, and bikes can be hung on a storewall like in this photo from our Pinterest. This product give many options and help you choose the best possible solution for organizing your garage mess into convenient and accessible storage space.

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