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Reducing clutter from your life might seem like a no-brainer, but many consumers invest in storage facilities believing that the goods stored within will lead to savings down the line — whether in the immediate or distant future. However, despite the number of households actively holding their belongings in storage for some hidden value years into the future, the up-front cost of storage unit prices are very rarely worth the return. The common misconception is that by storing old furniture, clothing and other belongings, you can relieve your savings account by not having to repurchase these items when (or more appropriately, if) you need them in the future. Storage unit prices are determined based on the size of the unit, the location of the storage facility and other special storage unit features. The most common storage unit size that households occupy are the medium storage capacities, which can hold enough items to fill three rooms in a house.
If this situation fits your personal experience, it’s time to give your budget a break by reducing clutter from storage facilities. President of the consultant group Storage Marketing Solutions told The New York Times, “Human laziness has always been a big friend of self-storage operators, because once they’re in, nobody likes to spend all day moving their stuff out of storage.

Motivate yourself into spending a day cleaning out the storage unit and putting an end to high storage unit prices by thinking about what you would do with an extra $1,000 or more a year, like take a vacation or fund an early retirement. I’ve been thinking of getting a storage unit lately so I can move out of my house and into an apartment. Unlike storing extra belongings in your home’s attic or garage, though, keeping units at storage facilities costs you extra money. Considering that Americans often pay for years of storage space, the convenience that this service provides can lead to thousands of dollars in losses, not including specialty storage features like climate control that costs about $100 extra per month. Most Americans simply need to muster up the motivation to organize, sort, sell or do away with the belongings trapped behind storage facilities. Just renting a nearby storage unit for about three months may be easier than making several trips for stuff you wouldn’t use there, such as the mini fridge, the xl sheets, and the heavy winter jacket. People don’t realize that every month they have items in a storage unit they are devaluing what is stored there by paying rent to keep it.

Paying for storage facilities might seem like an easy solution when you’re in dire need of short-term space. I could rent this place out and earn money instead of losing it, and comparing the costs of staying here and renting a small apartment with a storage unit makes me think it would help. Great for self storage facilities but bad for the average individual who really can’t afford storage in the first place.

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