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This is a working set of drawings to build a 4-sided rectangular gazebo 10' x 20' with a gable roof.
All building plans are delivered by emailed PDF & download link emailed within 48 hours of charged payment. Top Tip: Building a rectangular gazebo is somehow different to building a square gazebo, but any person with average woodworking skills can get the job done. As you can see in the image, we recommend you to use metal joist hangers when securing the intermediate joists into place.
One of the last steps when building the frame of the rectangular gazebo is to fit the top rails. Building a rectangular gazebo is easy and it will add value to your backyard, but it is a little more complex that building a square structure. These plans are about a 10×14 gazebo, so you need to adjust the dimensions and the distance between the footings, if you change the size of the construction. In order to support your weight efficiently, you should place the joists every 16″ on center. It is essential to place the joists equally spaced, if you want to distribute the weight properly.

Make sure you place a nail between the slats, at both ends, in order to get consistent gaps.
If you want to see more outdoor projects, we recommend you to check out the rest of the free plans.  LIKE us on Facebook to be the first that gets our latest updates and submit pictures with your DIY projects. The plans include directions, illustrations, dimensions, details, and a complete bill of materials. In addition, the building codes could give you useful information regarding the materials you have to use for yoru gazebo project. While in the first section we highlight the plans for the frame, in the second one we focus on the roof of the gazebo.
The legs of the batter board are sharpened so that they can be pushed into the ground (refer to the square gazebo plans diagram 1) quite easily.
The deck is positioned so it is about 5 inches above ground level.3) Mark one side of the gazebo with a tape and drive a second batter board into the ground.
Carve into the ground about 4 inches outside of the strings to mark the perimeter of the gazebo. As shown in the diagram 1 of the square gazebo plans, the ridge block is made up using six layers of 2 x 10 s glued to each other with waterproof glue.

Place the short post centered on the gazebo, then nail from beneath the 2 x 8 into the post bottom. Secure the short post with a piece of 2 x 2 while supporting it from below using a 4 x 4 post toe-nailed to the bottom of the 2 x 8.4) Cut four 2 x 6 rafters for the corners, and eight 1 x 4 nailer boards, as shown in the rafter patterns in diagram 2 of the square gazebo plans. You can now remove the supports which are holding the ridge block up.7) Cut the intermediate rafters out according to the rafter plans. Notice in the drawing, the short and intermediate rafters are placed beneath the corner rafter assembly for accommodating the roof slats.
For doing this, make use a pair of slat-measuring jigs as seen in drawing 1 of the square gazebo plans.
Place the balusters as shown in the figure attaching them to the aprons using a pair of galvanized nails driven into every apron.

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