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Published : 08.01.2015 | Author : admin | Categories : Ikea Storage Shed
I just got around to building the first chair, prompted mostly by the collapse of an old plastic garden chair and by the gift of free timber suitable for the purpose of making an Adirondack.
Here is a pair made from very similar plans offered by FWW (Tom Begnal's design), The smaller one has had three inches removed from the arms and sides to better fit my wife's five-foot frame. The tight fit means a very stable and solid chair, though.  No sway, creak or sog in that baby!

Except for the parts of the chairs that will have ground contact, which I coated with epoxy, there is no finish.
I'm hoping the chairs will weather without a finish as the climate in Central Florida is quite humid and hot most of the year and these chairs will live outdoors.

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