Fine woodworking outdoor projects,building a shed on blocks,hexagon picnic table plans - PDF 2016

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As an online member you get total access to over $100 worth of premium Fine Woodworking content.
Online membership provides you total access to premium Fine Woodworking videos, articles, tips and much more. HWG writes: Finally, a book on outdoor furniture that is actually usable and desirable projects. Packed with exciting projects, it’s perfect for beginners, accomplished craftsmen, and anyone who enjoys building sturdy stuff. Outdoor Projects, a collection of the best weather-worthy projects from Fine Woodworking, belongs in every workshop.

Outdoor furniture is an easy introduction to furniture building for beginners and a nice change of pace for advanced woodworkers. Outdoor Projects also includes seasoned advice specifically geared to building outdoor pieces. And all the classics are here, too: the ever-popular Adirondack chair, including a reinvented version, an English garden bench and a modern outdoor chair.
Outdoor Wood Projects includes 24 projects for the backyard and garden that can be completed with basic DIY tooling, inexpensive materials, and beginner skills. Perfect for basic woodworkers and just right for anyone more experienced who wants a "filler" project.

The book also includes a chapter on basic techniques, and tools and materials that can be used on these projects.

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