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Here are some great tips for building a yard shed that will make it easier to build, a pleasure to look at and a more practical storage or work space. Don't listen to the lads in Pub or Neighbors or Ex Joiners who talk a good story but do not really know or have never actually provided a base for this sort of structure . Here at City Centre Sheds Liverpool we are able to offer you a great selection of bases suitable to place your new garden Building on. As with any structure it is important to provide a firm, level and square base for your new garden building.
Base preparation need not be elaborate and alternative materials can be used in some cases. See our most popular sheds, the Kent Apex Wooden Outdoor Garden Shed, Essex Pent Wooden Garden Shed and Canterbury Garden Shed Pressure Treated! For the slab shed base we can use a different types of concrete slabs, but usually one size. Here are our fitters laying the shed flooring and we have superimposed where the runners lay. We also specialize in Custom Made Sheds and delivery areas include London and the South East, including Kent, Essex, Sussex, Surrey, Middlesex, Hampshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire & Middlesex. Branches are likely to grow and come into contact with your shed, so do your best to avoid.

Check for overhanging foliage regularly as any rubbing on the roofing felt may well lead to your shed becoming vulnerable to adverse weather conditions and even rain.
Which ever base you decide to build it is important that the floor has enough support the entire length of the building and this support has to be level and flat. As part of our comprehensive services we are able to offer you a selection of Bases suitable for your new Garden Buildin..
Set out rough size of shed layout, and if possible leave space around shed to allow easy construction and maintainance. They are 4"x4" tanalised wooden posts which run in an opposite direction to the floor joists making a crisscross formation and should rest on the slabs you have layed along the shed width, but can even be layed directly on the ground. Assembling the base incorrectly can lead to future deterioration of the product such as doors dropping out of square, thus becoming complicated to use or causing a water leakage. This wooden frame can then be levelled into the pea shingle for a well drained wooden base.
The shear weight of any building with cladding 22mm and over will cause a normal light weight base to possibly move slightly under its weight. It is extremely important that all garden buildings are constructed on a firm and level base which is constructed from the correct, durable material. Note: The incorrect assembling of a garden building on an incorrect base is also likely to void any guarantee that may come with your shed.

It inevitably all boils down to how much effort and money you are prepared to put into your base . As soon as it starts raining all that wet will be soaked up directly in to the Timber of Your Shed or Summer House , it will then dry out . It is not a major issue if you can't support all the runners with the slabs as we do add plenty to our sheds. First of all, always remember that placing the base too close to any walls, fences or other objects may cause problems. Please take our advise it is FREE even if you do not use our services and you intend to do the base your self . In the case of a base these usually means spending less time preparing the ground to take the base.

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