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Published : 01.02.2015 | Author : admin | Categories : Ikea Storage Shed
The Duramax Duramate 8x8 classic shed design offers substantial space for its size and on the same token it is not overly intrusive in any back yard or garden. Vinyl is the most durable building material available and a perfect material as it is all weather resistant, UV resistant and will not discolor, dent, rust, rot, or mildew plus never needs painting.
You'll also find that these vinyl sheds are built with steel reinforced wall columns and a steel roof truss system to provide great structural strength and rigidity and unlike other plastics, vinyl is rigid and fire resistant.

Designed with an attractive siding look and light beige neutral color walls that have a grain pattern, Duramax sheds are attractive in any setting and boasts features like double wide doors and tall "walk in" head room and optional features like windows, vents, skylights and shelving kits for storage. If you are looking for a shed that has the best combination of strength, durability, attractiveness, low maintenance and value for money, Duramax is the right shed for you.
This cost effective version of the Duramax Duramate 8x6 series can bring an attractive presence and substantial storage space to your backyard.

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