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Once you have determined the size the doghouse, begin by cutting the floor joists using the 2x4's.
Check local codes to make sure extension cords are allowed if the doghouse is not near enough to the electrical outlet.
Mother Earth has a design for a solar heater which we used quite successfully to heat an unheated breezeway during the winter in Michigan.
Run both pipes into chosen heated room , the bottom pipe to floor level , the top pipe to head level.
Refinements : Fit fan to heatbox inlet, (fit to end of pipe inside) variable speed fan is best , maybe 100 watts and control with time clock so fan turns off at sunset.

The space between the cans are important the air molecules would store higher heat volume before the exit the box and into dwelling. Air absorbs very little heat anyway so the temperature of the emerging air from the heater is not so important as the volume of air passing through the heater. When I made my first cookie tin water heater, I found it difficult to believe that this device, which barely felt warm to the touch, could possibly do the intended job. This hole needs to be just big enough for the end of the cord to the heated mat to go through. This will greatly increase heat collection during day and particularly at beginning and end of day. If it was a flat space the air would simply pass to quickly threw the box it would need a drag system inside to force the air to absorb the heat.

Place metal or plastic waterer on top of the water heater when freezing temperatures are anticipated. Mattar graciously lent me his kerosene heater, which did an okay job of taking the bite off the chill.
Then, measure the left side using the measurement determined in step 1 for the back of the doghouse. Please educate yourself on this matter before making any further ignorant comments about animals.

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