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My family friend of mine decided that they needed a shed to house all of their lawn equipment. Since we decided to put our shed in a yard that floods often, due to its proximity to a river, we placed the shed on concrete piles. This year I decided I wanted to build my own tiny house after being inspired by many other examples such as Tumbleweed. Space is a premium in all types of homes, but the Tiny House movement glorifies homes which check in at around 100 square feet.
One of the suggestions in A Pattern Language is that teenagers should have their own separate little houses in the back yard of the family home. Plans are for a reverse gable storage shed, characterized by the angle of the roof line sloping to the front and back of the building.

I designed the building in SketchUp and intended for it to be relatively simple, oriented south to take advantage of passive solar heating in the winter, and be well-insulated. I live cooperatively with five other people and the tiny house will be an addition to the small community. I also wanted to build my own house but liked where I lived so I used the small space that was available. Wooden houses for the garden will bring many benefits with garden sheds, there are of course many materials.
Wood is popular for garden houses because: Wood is one of green building materials from sustainable forestry. The wooden garden shed must be removed regularly to keep weather-resistant and retains its color.

The house wooden garden, which is only in the garden of a detached and stored in the main unit or the kids play, it's not such high demands on the stability of wooden walls as a week-house end of garden soil, you also stayed before the holiday and password. If one has, but once in the love that the owners garden in one of the pretty houses, move many other factors in the background.

Free 8x10 shed blueprints
8x8 storage shed plans

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