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Time again to look at the current construction market activity and analyze construction costs per square foot for various types of office buildings.
For the most common office building size, two to four stories tall, the range is from just over $130 per square foot in Winston-Salem to over $230 per square foot in New York. In that post, you will find that the construction cost per square foot for housing in your region is approximately $200 per square foot.
I am looking for a square foot cost for budgeting purposes of a two story retail building with parking at first floor and showroom space at second floor.
Based on your scope description and location, I would say being in the ballpark of the $50-$70 per square foot would be a very reasonable starting point. Please give me an estimate for construction cost per square Ft for an four story 50,000 Sq ft office building ,four story parking garage 60,000 Sq Ft warehouse facilities in Hollywood Florida. Assuming that rework and remodel scope to the existing space is minimal, you should be able to safely budget between $160 and $180 per square foot as a starting point.
I have an estimate total budget cost of around 400 million but need to break down the specifics for the investors. Unfortunately, neither I nor RSMeans (the source of my data) have any information on operating costs for buildings. During design, we typically have many discussions about these very issues and make design decisions based on a life-cycle cost, which includes operating costs, as opposed to an initial cost. Just curious if I should use the $201.18 per sf rate in the above chart to build out a 2-4 story modernist type digital printing, training and corp office for my company here in Chicago. I enjoyed your compassionate help to people they need clear answers I also would like to ask you that how much would be construction cost of a 5 star hotel in a dry area like Texas. The hotel is steel structure, 14 story, and the total area of the construction 15,000 square.
The construction cost per square foot is the direct costs for the building inistial construction, from the foundation to the roof, and including interior finishes, but not movable furniture, fixtures or other equipment that have no permanent connection to the structure of the building or utilities. Operations costs are entirely different expenses, but are also often expressed in terms of square feet.
This is still principally driven by local factors such as labor costs and local regulatory requirements.

Note that over twenty stories starts getting into more unique building characteristics that will drive costs in various ways.
As a conceptual budget parameter before having a schematic design of any kind, you would want to budget anywhere between $150 – $180 a square foot for construction costs of the building in your location. In general, pre-fabrication is going to be a more economical approach, but bear in mind that it comes at a different kind of cost.
We can provide everything from schematic designs to permit ready construction documents with all of the required engineering for religious facilities throughout the country. Is there any resource online that can provide a cost estimate of operating a 2-4 story building, say after it is constructed. From what you described, you will likely be between $150 and $200 per square foot, if the location is in fact, in Texas. I would be appreciated if you could help me to know about rough estimate of construction cost per square feet on a EPC contract and turn-key completed including furniture.
While the basis equity amount in the current building, and the market conditions in your area play heavily into the economics of the pro forma, you are generally correct in that 40 floors would certainly be less per square foot to build new than a mid-rise building of the size you currently have. So if the total costs to build a 10,000 square foot building was $2,000,000, then the cost per square foot would be $200 per square foot. Below is some data from RSMeans construction cost data that we keep a close eye on in order to estimate construction costs for all of our office building projects. For more information on estimating the cost of your office building during the early planning stages, contact any of us here at EVstudio and we can help scope the right size project for your pro forma. That would best be handled by breaking down a line item pro forma for all of your operating costs and would be very specific to your project. However, the general rule is that there is a continued cost savings due to economies of scale up to about 80 stories.
If you would like to discuss your project further, let me know and we can certainly help out with everything from front end programming and conceptual design to final permit ready construction documents. The existing building sounds like it is limited in its ability to remodel cost effectively, and that expanding upward may be infeasible based on current design and structural systems.
In a pro forma, the soft costs will have to be in addition, as well as land costs, financing, etc..

Typical operating costs will include maintenance costs, common utility costs, insurance, security, trash removal, property taxes and any other operating expenses that the building may have. In areas that are restricted to non-flammable construction, price per square foot will go up.
At that point, vertical circulation and other building systems start to dominate the cost of construction and cost per square foot begins to climb. It is always a challenging decision when it comes to demolishing a building to build higher and better, and it would require a good bit of analysis to demonstrate that the delta between the value of square footage in your location and the cost to build it is great enough to make it a sound investment of development dollars.
If the total annual expenses for that same 10,000 square foot building was $60,000, then the operating cost would be $6 per square foot (per year).
Then you could line item estimate the other components so you could aggregate the net costs.
For a low cost project as you described, I would expect towards the lower end of that range. I also don’t have any data for regional construction costs in other parts of the world, but we would expect the same relationship between number of stories and construction cost in any market. Another thing is the percent of net leasable area (the efficiency), but I’d like to focus on the brutto cost first.
These costs fluctuate from year to year and are typically passed on to tenants in a triple net lease. Couple that with this post for multi story construction, and you will find that the cost per square foot goes down with more stories. It is important to understand these costs in a rental scenario as they are added to the base rent (which is also expressed in terms of square feet) to get to a total gross rent figure. Obviously, you could spend significantly more yet, depending on finishes, but at that point, it would be better to program the project in more detail to better understand the cost drivers. So be sure to weigh those factors, because a more economical building in cost per square foot may result in hidden intangible costs 9or reductions in overall value) in the bigger picture.

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