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I have just started my 4-H project with four goats and they will be breed soon and will be birthing during the rainy season. Plans would be great, but your pictures are so good I think I can devise a similar structure without. We built a shed using your plans and it came out great, although we had to extrapolate many of the measurements which were not shown. Also, we salvaged some used concrete forms to make raised platforms inside, which keeps the straw and the goats off the cold, wet ground. Merry Christmas, and thanks for the gift, because seeing your movable goat shed was just that.
We have learned in our years of goats keeping us, that a few, simple things are just important to keeping your goat herd healthy and safe.
Like us humans, goats can get sick from exposure to extreme weather like rain, snow, strong winds and heat.
Bedding in my opinion is the personal preference of the goat keeper as long as you achieve the following goal: provide a clean and dry space for your (dairy) goats to lay down and rest. In our experience, most of our goats prefer to sleep in the court yard, on the ground, in the shade of the trees (they all have free access to pasture) during the hot and humid summer. As we always tell our interns and visitors: any tasty and healthy cheese starts with a clean pen and healthy goats!
We are trying to figure a way to toss in some hay and their food into the shelter without going all the way into the area they are in, but rather be able to put it into the shed over the fence from the outside.

The three goats and our 5 weeder geese all went inside it during a recent downpour and storm! We had just finished chores (feeding goats and chickens) and chasing everything wears him out.
While all of our other sheds are board and batting, this one uses plywood to keep its weight down. I have had worries about our portahuts, which are much lighter that this shed, and they have not overturned yet. The very first big windstorm came only a week after we built the house, and it blew the goat house over, leaving two very surprised (and wet) goats standing in the storm at 2 a.m. Seems like a real good idea and i am in need of a few shed and movable would be even better.
I have priced out the materials list based on your photos but if you have plans I would really appreciate getting a copy of those. They are goats, they can be outside!” Ok, they are goats, but wrong, they need a decent shelter from the elements, especially rain, wind, and heat.
Goats have hollow hair shafts that function as an insulator and help them to withstand moderate heat and cold. Make sure you leave no gaps, no sharp edges, protruding corners, as your goats will find them.
Overcrowding causes stress and the goats on the bottom of the herd order could be pushed outside if there is not enough room.

Even though we periodically fork it out throughout the winter, it still packs down pretty hard in and around the shed.
It is also important to note that the more energy the goat uses to stay warm or dry, the less energy is available to make milk. For example, does giving birth like to have and need ample room to give birth, and need some alone time away from the other goats to bond with their kids. I have researched plenty and after looking at prefab calf and goat hutches that still need a front and back added, for even more money, I always came back to my original idea. For our winter, we close the summer gap in the moms’ or birthing pens with plastic sheeting to provide a draft and rain free environment for the pregnant and lactating does and their newborn and young kids.
With this group you may also have to consider access to electricity for lights, heat lamps or a camera system to monitor your goats.
The internet is a great source to find building plans for free; both Penn State University's webpage and the Maryland Small Ruminant Page provide plans for free.

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