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If it is primarily going to be a tool shed then it will need to be built differently compared to a garden shed to store your lawn mower. Think of all possible ways in which you may end up using the shed before you decide the shed design. But soon they find that even their shed is filled up with stuff and they need more space.It is a good idea to build the shed as big as your construction site and you budget will allow. The shed needs to be close enough to your home so that it is easy to access but still be far enough from your home and far enough from the neighbors to get some privacy.

Check that there is enough space around the shed for the doors and windows to swing open.Make sure there are no trees close to shed which may drop dead branches on your shed and damage it. The two middle end studs on the shed front should be 12” apart to accommodate the louver. You will need to use special materials to waterproof the roof and seal all the joints.If it gets really hot in summer, you will need to make sure your shed has ample ventilation.
Visit the local building department and have a chat with someone to find out the regulations in your area.

Once you have decided on the basic layout and dimensions of the shed (shed blueprints 12×16) it will be relatively easy for you to choose the best shed blueprints.

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