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A batter board is a setup of boards that are driven into the ground for marking the corners of a building and have fastened strings which locate the position of the walls. The legs of the batter board are sharpened so that they can be pushed into the ground (refer to the square gazebo plans diagram 1) quite easily. The deck is positioned so it is about 5 inches above ground level.3) Mark one side of the gazebo with a tape and drive a second batter board into the ground.
Carve into the ground about 4 inches outside of the strings to mark the perimeter of the gazebo. Pull the strings from the four corners to find the center and mark the position of the central pier.5) Dig the holes for the posts of about 10 inches diameter and 3 feet deep.
For extending the marks of the header to the other 3 posts, put a level on a 14 feet long 1×4 and make use of its straight edges to mark the posts which are adjacent to it. Drill the bolt holes for fixing the header, test fitting the header, then remove it and put up the two posts.
Now repeat this again for the other two opposite posts and set up the two remaining headers.4) Cut the fascia boards to length and bolt the boards to the posts.

Mark the position for the rabbet where it meets the header and mark the position for the dado where it meets the ledger.
Drill the holes for the nails close to the ends of the boards before nailing so that the wood doesn’t split. As shown in the diagram 1 of the square gazebo plans, the ridge block is made up using six layers of 2 x 10 s glued to each other with waterproof glue. 2) For test fitting the rafters, you must position the ridge block exactly as it would be once the roof is completed. Drive the nails such that enough of their heads are outside for pulling them out later on.3) Lay down a 2 x 8 across the headers and nail it down. Place the short post centered on the gazebo, then nail from beneath the 2 x 8 into the post bottom.
Secure the short post with a piece of 2 x 2 while supporting it from below using a 4 x 4 post toe-nailed to the bottom of the 2 x 8.4) Cut four 2 x 6 rafters for the corners, and eight 1 x 4 nailer boards, as shown in the rafter patterns in diagram 2 of the square gazebo plans. The rafters along with the nailer boards are nailed together forming the corner rafter assembly.5) You cannot test fit a rafter assembly alone. You can now remove the supports which are holding the ridge block up.7) Cut the intermediate rafters out according to the rafter plans.

Notice in the drawing, the short and intermediate rafters are placed beneath the corner rafter assembly for accommodating the roof slats.
For doing this, make use a pair of slat-measuring jigs as seen in drawing 1 of the square gazebo plans.
A tape is pulled from the tip of one jig to the tip of the other for measuring the outer lower comers of each slat.2) Cut the angle on the end of every slat as seen in drawing 1 and test by fitting the slats to the corner rafter assembly.
Place the balusters as shown in the figure attaching them to the aprons using a pair of galvanized nails driven into every apron.
Drill pilot holes through the balusters for driving 3 inch galvanized dry wall screws.4) The handrail assembly is then hung on to the balusters.

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