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Additional wall shelving was added for longer boards, and note the type of lighting which really brightens up the entire garage. In part 2 of the Extreme Garage Shop Makeover, we will cover the Tool Cabinet from the PBS show Rough Cut – Woodworking with Tommy Mac.
For the complete “How-To” on making your area into a workshop, get to your local Woodcraft store for Woodcraft Magazine Issue #43 today or on-line, and start your Extreme Garage Shop Makeover today!
Great garage workshop, my problem is I live in a cluster home in an adult golf neighborhood.My garage is taken up with my wife's car and a golf cart, all my tools need to be portable and on wheels to open the garage for parking.
I gutted my garage and built my own wood shop a few years ago - go to my facebook album to see the shop. Garages are usually dark, which makes setting up task lighting a priority for a productive workspace.

Garage spaces are usually not insulated, and garage doors on most homes have very poor insulation. Portable Bluetooth speakers will provide enough sound in your garage, but they can be fragile and sensitive to dust.
In this case, at the end of  the day, Joe’s workshop can still be used as a garage to park the car, make home repairs, place maintenance and recreational items,  and still have enough room for storage by creating a compact, mobile, completely efficient shop. Make sure your workshop has enough power outlets to charge your tool batteries as well as power your corded shop tools. The problem with attempting to have autos and a workshop in the same garage is that the autos will consume a considerable measure of the space, reducing usable workspace.
A ceiling exhaust fan is a good start but if you are serious about keeping things clean then your ultimate workshop should also include a dust collection system, central vacuum and air ventilation system.

In the event that you need a garage workshop, consider adding a parking space outside for your vehicles.GuidelinesAdd in insulation behind the walls as generally garages are inadequately, if whatsoever, insulated. Figure 3 provides a look at the garage shop wiring, where the electrician cut through the drywall to run wiring and install duplex receptacles. Provided that the garage is connected to your house, and assuming that you have a ventilation system that can handle the additional space, you can experience the attic and add in focal air.Institute additional wall outlets for power.

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