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Printable plans and a materials list let you build our dollar-savvy storage shed and get great results. Modular construction and inexpensive materials make this shed easy to build and easy to afford. Siding panels made from oriented strand board cost far less than solid wood or plywood panels, and come preprimed, saving you money and labor.
Hiring a concrete contractor to pour a slab for this shed could cost you $1,000, but the materials for this wood foundation will set you back only about $250. Arch-top windows and a custom door give this shed a high-quality look that belies its low cost and simple construction. A few weeks before you start, check with your local building department to see whether a permit is required and to find out how close to the lot lines you can build.
Note: Figures A and B (along with Figures C through G) can be downloaded and printed from Additional Information below.
Also square the frame by making sure diagonal measurements from opposite corners are equal. How to Build a Shed from a KitA veteran builder takes a quick route to a great shed with a precut kit.
For years, there have been three ways to get a shed: Build it yourself, hire someone to build it or buy a prefab model. Popular MechanicsOur shed came with everything except the concrete-block foundation, roof shingles and fasteners.

Functional shutters aren't cheap, but on a shed with a single large window, only one stately wooden pair is necessary. Build window boxes of rot-resistant cedar or paint stock lumber with an exterior-grade acrylic.
We'll show you how to build this shed and provide you with the plans and materials list you need to get started. Plus, a wood foundation is easy to build even on sites that slope or have difficult access. The panelized construction technique means you could build the parts in your garage on a rainy weekend and then haul them to the site for assembly.
The transom is the kind of detail that's typically found only on custom-built sheds, not on prefab models. Of course, this door isn't as weather-tight as a prehung door, and it wouldn't work on your house, but it's perfect for a shed. The first step is to set a pair of treated 6x6s on gravel beds as a foundation for the shed platform. These windows cost about $60 each and are easy to build with materials you'll find at any home center or lumberyard. And you'll save hundreds of dollars by providing your own labor to build the door and windows. The modular construction and wood platform foundation mean you can construct this shed almost anywhere, even on remote or sloping sites.

The compact 6 x 8–foot building has red-cedar vertical siding, two barn-sash windows and a transom window above double doors.
You need at least two people to put up a shed kit, and the work would go quicker with three or four people. In this article, we'll show you the basics of how to build the shed and install the windows and doors.
When you're done building the front and back walls, set them aside so you can use the platform to build the roof sections. The small kit joins the company's eight stock kits ranging in size from 10 x 10 to 10 x 16 feet, and in price from about $4300 to $8300.
Slide the 6x6 back and forth, not sideways, until the diagonal measurements from opposite corners are equal. The parts fit perfectly, and the finished kit was indistinguishable from a scratch-built custom shed.
I packed up my tools and headed home feeling just a bit tired and sore, but proud of the building we'd left behind.Toolshed SplurgesClassic, attractive, built-to-last exterior details can have an outsize visual impact, but their cost may be prohibitive when scaled to fit an entire house.

8 x 6 wooden shed base
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