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If you own a dog and wish that it has a shelter of its own, you should seriously consider giving it a dog house.
Here you can find a different assortment of dog houses, ranging from sturdy,  heavy and durable wooden houses to, lightweight plastic, and other materials.
The Tuff-N-Rugged Dog House is constructed of all-weather materials and earned a Consumer Digest Best Buy Award. This dog mansion is complete with a living room, a bedroom and a closet to stash many outfits.
If you’re looking for a house that will spell luxurious comfort for your pet the Hayneedle Habitats Stair Case Dog House is just right for you.
If you want a dog house like this, you can contact the maker and they will make you a custom made dog house just for your furry family member. This collapsible Pet house provides stylish, comfortable and secure resting place for your princess.
Designed with the outdoor pet in mind, The Barn allows your pet to enjoy both the comfort of an enclosed sleeping area and the freedom of an outdoor porch.
English Cottage Dog House – This luxurious celebrity dog house is custom made and considered one of a kind. The Petmate Indigo Dog House is the top of the line doghouse featuring an off set extended doorway for wind proofing and rain resistance. The Little Red Barn dog house by New York Dog features an innovative, collapsible design packaged in a convenient carry bag that gives your little friend comfort and security at home or when traveling. White Colonial Dog House – This luxurious celebrity dog house is custom made and considered one of a kind.

Your small dog is sure to feel like royalty in these cozy, private Pet Tent Luxury Dog Beds. This fun and trendy looking house with burgundy wood trim offers your pets a sense of security while its large windows allow for maximum visibility to your pet’s surroundings, satisfying its natural curiosity.
The family dog will love the comfortable quality of the Outback Twin Peaks dog house, and dog owners will love the style it lends to their property.
When a pet lives indoors and we do not crate them it is commonly overlooked that the pet still needs its own private area where they feel safe and can be left alone to relax. I have Chihuahua dogs and I am very interested in getting more information on your pop up all material indoor doghouses. There are also creative and wacky and colorful designs that will impress not only your pets but your friends and family as well. One of Pet Squeak’s most popular Dog Houses, the Arf-Frame provides your pet their own comfortable habitat. It has is an umbrella mechanism portable pet house, car containment system, and outdoor life tent. Made with structural foam that acts as insulation both to keep your pet cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
Protection from weather and elements through its weather resistant sealed coating, solid wood construction, extended eave, and weather resistent liner within the roof offers extra protection to improve the quality of life for dogs when outside. The Villa provides your pet with this space and it provides you with a beautiful castle you can proudly display anywhere in the home.
You can actually build a dog house on your own, but if you want to save yourself from doing some carpentry work, you can get yourself a ready-to-use dog house straight from a company that specializes in making dog shelters.

This is where your pet will love to lounge and enjoy a nap in the sun during the warmer months!
Each soft dog house features four mesh windows for ventilation and a top that unzips for top entry and exit as well as front entry. Although this den has a closing door, your doggy will prefer to leave it open using the hook attachment. With pre-made dog houses, you have a choice as to the kind of house that you will give to your furry family member. Weatherproof leg protectors and a raised-floor design resist moisture and ensure that this dog house stays dry and provides comfortable shelter to your pet even in extreme weather conditions whether hot cold or wet for years to come.
This sturdy house is constructed of solid fir for strength and weather-loving durability protected by a handsome tiled gable roof. This ultra light shelter includes a messenger style bag for easy carrying, claw-proof mesh windows, and a front porch so your pet will always feel at home wherever you go together. Two built-in vents keep your dog cool and comfortable when it’s hot while keeping cold and wet winds out. This large house assembles easily and don’t be surprised if your dog starts handing you the tools.

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