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We are glad that you’ve decided to order one of our sheds and look forward to bringing you your custom built structure.
What type of foundation: Our sheds floors are built on top of pressure treated 4' x 4' timbers made for ground contact, but we highly recommended setting them on a foundation besides dirt. Concrete is the best foundation if you are willing to spend the extra money for it, but it is not a requirement. Hi John, sheds are fun, so many will jump in here to help and I'll let them address the leveling question. A friend of mine built a walkway with 2x4 edging and filled the path with compacted gravel.
I constructed a foundation like yours, adding the gravel in layers and compacting edge layer individually.

I would consider using those RR ties instead since they are almost indestructible and will probably outlast the shed!
Please check with us if you are considering building a concrete pad for your shed, and we will be glad to give you some helpful tips for getting it the right size.Another option that will work but is not as highly recommended is laying down concrete blocks for each individual runner. It is good to remember that the distance from the ground to the shed floor is approximately 8”, so you will need a ramp if you are driving any equipment in and out. 3" to 6" inches of road rock or smaller make an ideal shed pad, especially if your ground is not level.
Ramps are fairly easy to construct, but we also have them available if you would like us to build on for your shed.
Are any surrounding objects such as trees, bushes, utilities, or buildings going to interfere with placement of the shed.

This is an end view of the runners (runner diagram) which will be running the full length of your shed. If you are going to have more than 3 or 4 inches of gravel you may want to consider building a perimeter with treated timbers to keep your gravel in place. Number of blocks will vary with the length of the shed so we can advise you as to how many you will need. If you don’t build a perimeter it is always good to have an extra foot of gravel all around.

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