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One of the first conversations I try to have with my customers is to explain  that building apps is a process, and one that has been refined over many years and is based on the fundamental principles of engineering that date back thousands of years.
This is an important decision because it will impact the methods your builder uses to attack certain challenges. Thanks to latest adhesive technology, this is the most sustainable and the safest way to build a house. But if you walked up to a builder tomorrow and told them you want a three-bedroom, two-bathroom house with a double garage and a balcony, you wouldn’t be expecting him to tell you what it would cost or how it would look. Of course you’ll then have the builders, labourers, gyprockers, cementers, each with their own specialty.

So while building the first version is very much like building a house, it also has to be built with change in mind. How would the design of a home be different if right from the start you built it so that rooms, plumbing, ventilation, power, etc.
For this remarkable building, to begin with, architect Lord Norman Foster had all load-bearing timber components pre-fabricated from glued timber elements and then assembled onsite. Take a peek above the six-foot hedges and ceramic lions for a minute, and consider: Before anything happened, the person who built the house needed to know how many bedrooms they needed, how many other rooms they needed, the number of bathrooms, the size of the garage, and how much outdoor space.
New joining methods and construction principles, as well as the discovery of the classic material for modern architectural solutions, have opened up new possibilities for building with wood.

No longer relegated to home construction, wood is now used for office and administrative buildings, schools, multi-family dwellings, bridges, theaters, and even transmission towers.
Scandinavia and the USA have a history of timber buildings and now, the Germans have started building houses using this traditional material.

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