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June 1, 2012By spoiledbirdsRobins have one of the highest populations among birds in North America. If you found this Bird House website helpful, please consider sharing it with your friends. Below we have posted a how to guide for building this set of hanging robin bird house plans.
There are all types of Robin bird house plans that are available to use in order to build a robin bird house. These measurements are for the space between the top of this bird house roof and the top of the back piece.

Every once in awhile an enthusiastic bird watcher asks for a set of hummingbird bird house plans. If you still want to build your very own hummingbird house, then don’t let us stop you. We hope this information about hummingbirds has proven useful to you and if by chance you get a hummingbird to nest on your custom house, then please send us a picture or leave a comment with a link to the picture.
June 25, 2012By spoiledbirdsThere are all types of Robin bird house plans that are available to use in order to build a robin bird house. Some people want to build their own bird houses for their yards while others need them for kid projects.

Attracting Robins Tip:You can create a small water area with mud to aid the robins when bulding their nest.

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