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Something as simple as a plastic water  bottle can be made into a bird feeder, and a coffee cup hung from a tree branch is all that you need to serve up some suet.
This feeder uses the Chanel Craft Soda Bottle Bird Feeder to easily convert a bottle into a hanging  feeder. To make these suet feeders, punch a hole in cut coconut shells and thread them with leather or string to form hangers.
This feeder uses a larger recycled plastic food container with a chopstick acting as the perch.

The feeder uses a wire coat hanger, fence plank, Starbucks Frappuccino bottle, and a tuna can.
One great way to serve them up is to fill plastic mesh produce bags with nuts or suet, tie off at the top, and hang them from branches. To make this feeder, cut or punch four holes in the side of the can at varying heights and insert two wooden dowels through the base.
You can also hang a basket without the shelter in the same manner to create a simple tray feeder.

But there are ways to cut costs when it comes to bird feeding, and you can have some fun with it as well by making your own bird feeders, often from recycled materials. Simply hang the bottle so that there is enough space at the bottom for the bird seed to spill out and fill the can.

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