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Published : 13.12.2013 | Author : admin | Categories : Woodwork Project Ideas
I used Dutch Glow's Amish Wood Milk to clean and brighten the wood on this antique cabinet.
First, I took the bottle of Amish Wood Milk out of the package and noticed that it came with a sprayer; not a heavy duty spray attachment, but one more similar to a mister.
Quickly, it pulled up a combination of dirt and what I presume to be temporary furniture stain that was perhaps used by the previous owner to bring out the woodwork as it was a reddish tone to match the cherry wood on the cabinet. I'd buy the product again as it did a decent job removing the dirt, grime and old polishes.

It is a restorative polish which cleans, polishes and protects your furniture." Directions also include other precautions before using and give instrucitons for removing heat marks, water marks and using it on wood or laminate floors. Trying to remove it with the rag was taking a lot of time, so I poured the Amish Wood Milk on top of the offending stain and left it sit. Then, I came back with a soft plastic scrub sponge and gently rubbed the Amish Wood Milk over the stain. However, now, like many of these "As Seen on TV" products, Dutch Glow™'s Amish Wood Milk is now available in stores like Bed, Bath & Beyond as well as Target and Walmart.

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