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Outdoor Storage Sheds for Sale - Available Throughout Pittsburgh and Washington, PA and all surrounding areas. A great low profile storage shed, offering attractive and affordable protection for mowers, lawn equipment, quads, bikes, and all those investments that need year around protection. This multi-purpose shed is perfect for storing lawn and garden equipment, your bbq grill, bicycles and more with plenty of wall storage for all those extra tools. The extra height and roof design of our Hi-Side sheds makes it one of our most versatile storage sheds, allowing you to make use of every inch of available space.
One of our most popular outdoor storage sheds, the Quaker offers the most elegant styling of all our shed models.

Contact Yoder's Backyard Structures to find out more about quality garden sheds for all your needs! For pricing and purchasing information for all our outdoor storage sheds call (724) 947-9741 or fill out our convenient contact form!
This cabin was designed to be a storage shed for gardening tools and supplies but with a little creativity it could also become a child’s playhouse or guest house for folks you don’t want to stay long. Or turn it into the perfect handyman's workshop or garden shed by adding our optional shelving and workbench. You can also take a look at our Site Preparation Guide to find out more about how to prepare your site for your new shed!

Standard shutters and optional vinyl siding and window boxes add to the aesthetic appeal, making this shed a true gardener's dream. Featuring a dormer on the side with a decorative octagon window this storage shed looks more like a small house than a shed.

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