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Although our wooden sheds have a floor, we still recommend they are built on a suitable, solid and level base in your garden. Concrete Concrete bases are probably best prepared by a professional, but they do offer a solid, level and permanent base for your shed. Patio Your wooden shed can be placed on an existing patio, or you can lay a new one especially for it. Ecobase Specifically designed to provide a firm, durable and well-drained platform for garden buildings, the Ecobase is the ultimate base for your new shed. This high quality, tongue and groove constructed pent wooden shed showcases plenty of room for garden tools and storage. The pent style roof enables easy water run off and in turn reduces the chances of damp through standing water on the wooden shed. This unique feature makes this 8’ x 4’ Tongue and Groove Pent Shed Unit practical, efficient and functional.

For complete peace of mind, why not install this Yale Super Deluxe Shed Alarm Kit into your shed, garage or garden building.
This high quality, tongue and groove cladding Deluxe Pent Shed Unit is a modern and reliable shed which has plenty of room for a variety of garden essentials. The unique specification of this wooden shed is the interchangeable,modular panels which may be arranged to meet your requirements.
This fantastic, efficient and functional Deluxe Pent Shed Unit is a spacious and reliable wooden shed,which offers a unique touch and looks at home in any garden environment. This moisture resistant feature is enhanced by the interlocking design of the wooden sheds tongue and groove panels, where the curved design allows easy water run off.
The pent sloped roof enables easy water run off which prevents standing water and therefore damp within the wooden shed. If the doors and windows are not to meet your specifications,they may be changed around to suit your needs, such as placing the door on the longer panel of the wooden shed for excellent accessibility.

This moisture resistant feature is enhanced through the tongue and groove cladding,where the curved panels allow water to run off and away from the walls of the wooden shed.
Styrene glazed windows are incorporated within the design of the wooden shed and are a safer and more durable alternative to glass. Top tip: Lay plastic beneath your Portabase and fill with pea gravel to aid drainage and stop anything growing through and into your shed. Due to the strength of the plastic and the construction of the Ecobase, it is strong enough to carry the load of your garden shed without the need for pea gravel. The styrene is also shatter resistant and is used on the majority of wooden sheds we have to offer.

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