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You can see that the floor has 4x4 skids or runners as supports for the floor joists on this saltbox shed.This particular shed only has 2 skids under the floor and at each end of the skid, about 1' in from the end is a concrete anchor. Free Cupola Plans For Your Neat Shed Aug 14, 15 05:39 AMUse these cupola plans to build a neat cupola and spruce up your beautiful shed.
Fun Shed Plans Jul 26, 15 08:08 AMShed plans that are easy to use, very affordable, and fun to build with. Barn Shed Plans, Small Barn Plans, Gambrel Shed Plans Jul 05, 15 09:38 AMThese barn shed plans come with full email support. I am in the process of building my 3rd shed with a barn style roof (don't know the proper name) and never take the time to make a template for constructing the roof trusses to ensure they a consistent shape. I purchased a simple tin shed to construct for a place to store my motor bike and escape the rigures of being the only male in the house.
The Cedarshed - Boathouse 12x8 shed is spacious, with plenty of room for your aquatic equipment as well as garden tools and other items.

An excellent multi-purpose shed, perfect for storing aquatic equipment like canoes and kayaks. This shed kits ships to your address in a pre fabricated paneled kit, each of the walls and roof are already built. The Boathouse 12x8 Cedar Shed Kit is a simple Do-it-Yourself Kit that is easy to assemble in one afternoon with 1-2 people. The Boathouse 12x8 Cedar Shed Kit is made with Premium Western Red Cedar exterior, a wood species that is known for its beauty, durability and strength.
The Boathouse 12x8 Cedar Shed Kit comes unfinished, but can be painted, stained, or left to weather naturally, depending on your preference. Most if not all sheds that I build with wooden floors are anchored with a minimum of 2 to 4 piers set in concrete.
Our downloadable barn shed plans come with detailed building guides, materials lists, and they are cheap too!

You could add to these tried and tested sayings; If you build a shed you will encounter problems.
Then I will use the blocking described above spaced evenly between the anchors about every 4' or so.If your shed has 3 runners, the middle runner can just be supported with the blocking at equal intervals, usually about every 4'. I always suggest that buyers of my storage shed plans check with their local building inspector to make sure which method of anchoring your shed floor is acceptable in your particular locality.

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