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Preferably in US dollars or Euros, Travelers' Checks can be cashed in large banks, some hotels and selected exchange offices but most of them chargeconsiderable commissions. US Dollars are as good and popular as the Euros; you do not need to buy Euros before you leave the USA as you will have to change the Euros into Lei anyways. Note: Prices in luxury hotels and upscale restaurants in Bucharest can be as high as those in Western Europe.
Romania's electrical current is 230 V; 50 cycles and sockets take the standard continental European dual round-pronged plugs. Access for people with disabilities to Romania's tourist attractions has improved in recent years, and it remains a priority. The Romanian Government recently approved legislation that bans smoking in every public place but as in many countries in Eastern Europe some smokers might ignore smoking ban. Social conservatism in Eastern Europe, especially with regard to LGBT rights and marriage equality, has definitely had its hold on Romania until relatively recently.

You have the original receipts and store identified VAT Refund forms validated by the Customs Office (Birou Vamal).
Instead of having a heavy (meat) dish for lunch, try some delicious Romanian cheese and vegetables, especially during the warm summers. Typically, each food item (except bread) is ordered (and charged for) individually, right down to the butter.
Hot wine — with sugar and cinnamon — ("vin fiert") is "the recommended drink" for cold winter days. For something stronger try hot plum brandy ("tuica fiarta") — hot plum brandy with sugar and peppercorn. A foreigner trying to learn or speak Romanian can expect positive reactions from native speakers.
Chatting with visitors is very common for Romanians and they will find a way to communicate with you even if they cannot speak your language.

If you want to refuse the offer find a polite excuse and say it firmly or ask for a replacement.
RomaniaTourism's prior written permission is required before parts of this Website may be reproduced in any form. An increasing number of hotels offer data ports with high-speed modem connections for guests to access the Internet and retrieve e-mail in the comfort of their rooms. The contents of this Website are for information purposes only and are not to be taken as endorsements or warranties of any kind. RomaniaTourism shall have no liability for errors, omissions or inadequacies of the information contained in this Website or for any interpretations of that information.

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