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Although a number of stories of individuals with such strange abilities have been reported over the years, one incident does stand out among them. Moving into 1948, the Air Force noted no shortage of high-quality encounters involving military personnel in that year, too.
A horn of plenty (of new spooky stories) fill our Thanksgiving table on the Campfire this year. Theresa Argie, The Haunted Housewife, is an experienced lecturer, educator, researcher and paranormal investigator and has had many years dealing with spirits, ghosts and paranormal activity.
It was January 25th when twenty-three year old Igor Dyatlov assembled the crew that consisted of three engineers and seven students. Randles reported several recent cases of this same kind of atmospheric shift, described in a number of situations as being palpable and disturbing. The sciences of the Destiny Cards, Astrology, Numerology and Tarot are interlocking pieces of the vast puzzle of existence. For many years, the Numerology has been limited to the use of the digits 1 through 9 and a few double numbers. Since her birthday is in September, we use her personal year started on September 9, 2011 until her birthday in 2012. This year of 2012 (universal year 5) is the year of expansion, restlessness and travel, commercial and international trade, and your Personal Year, for example, is 4 – Work and Limitation. To find out the Universal Month, add the double digit number of the calendar month to the double digit number of Universal Year.
In numerology, we use cycles of 9 and, as any action, this cycle has its start – the number 1, and its end – the number 9.

To find the Universal Year, we must add all single digits in its number and reduce it to the final digit. Several family members, at the funerals of the deceased, would eventually claim that the bodies of the dead bore a rather odd orange color. While they all fled in several directions, it was also presumed that they all met under the tree where Krivonischenko and Doroshenko had been found.
All four had suffered severe internal injuries, though no outward trauma, bruises, or even tissue damage seemed to be apparent. A popular device for science fiction and fantasy stories, timeslips have been reported for hundreds of years, and most likely have been occurring for as long as humans walked the earth. When they emerged, they were at the pit stop; only it appeared as it had been a hundred years earlier right down to the clothing the waitresses and patrons wore.
To find the Universal Day, add two double digits of a day, universal month and universal year together.
Ivanov, in his later years, admitted that he himself believed that the orange spheres in the sky may have been the cause of the Dyatlov team’s demise, or at least had something to do with it, speculating that one of the skiers may have witnessed the UFOs, panicked, and sent the others into a similar frenzy. Other witnesses report the reverse of this type of experience, as in seeing a solitary diner on the side of a dark deserted highway, stopping in for a meal, then when attempting to RETURN to said diner weeks or months later, finding it not only abandoned and run down, but discovering the diner went out of business thirty years ago.
Some hope of doing so came in the form of several rolls of film and diaries that were found in the damaged tent. The experience was seared into their memories for over 40 years and they still cannot explain what happened. Even if the latter date is not based on the Mayan calendar, but on numerology, it gains its real meaning from this calendar and is the day for celebrating that we have made it through the end times and into the new world to be created afterwards.

Numerology calculations always start with a day you were born which gives us the birth number, and continuously add the month (the attitude number) and a year of your birth (the life path number).
Many who fail to recognize that this calendar describes a divine plan developed by waves of seven days and six nights, may risk to end up in hopelessness or a belief that the world will come to an end.
From such a perspective we may wonder what God is communicating to us through the comet Elenin especially in terms of what there is to do at the beginning of the sixth night, but also in the seventh day of the Ninth wave. After all, comets are prophesized to be part of the language that God is going to use to communicate with us in the end times.Another thing that we know about the Ninth wave, and its sixth night and seventh day in particular, is that it brings about a polarity shift to unity consciousness as is illustrated in figure 1. In favor of such an interpretation is for instance that Cayce predicted what he called a “pole shift” for the year 2000.
1) Different polarities of consciousness created by the five highest waves of the Mayan calendar.Polarity shifts in consciousness take place in synchrony at several different levels of the universe - cosmic, galactic, heliospheric, planetary and human - at the times of shift points in the Mayan calendar. This may especially be true when it comes to the last such pair of energies in the entire creation scheme, the sixth night and seventh day of the Ninth wave starting September 23 and October 11, respectively. This alternation between energies would mean that the sixth night should lend itself favorably to inner work like prayer, contemplation or meditation, whereas the seventh day would lend itself better to global ceremonies, which externalize the inner changes that have been brought in the sixth night. The relationships of the comets Honda and Elenin to the Seven days and six nights of the Ninth wave of the Mayan calendar. As the seventh day starts the new polarity is locked into position and generates its final manifestation.This finality is partly why the Cosmic Convergence of September 23-26, 2011 is different from previous events, such as the Conscious Convergence of July 17-18, 2010, which also set the intention to manifest unity consciousness.

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