Published 01.09.2013

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You see, Emiratis have a thing for small digits — the lower the number on the license plate, the more money they’re willing to shell out for it. The honours for the most money ever paid for a license plate go to a gent in the neighbouring Emirate of Abu Dhabi.
Well if they buy them at a Government auction then that’s pretty much philanthropy, but instead of a trophy or a pat on the back you get a shiny licence plate. I was all set for a rant here about people losing touch with reality and how stupid it is for people to spend this much on something that has no real meaning whilst others can barely afford to eat..
At first this whole thing struck me as horribly vain, but now it strikes me as a neat way for petro dollars to help people.
Anyway, this is a common attitude in all Arabian Gulf countries, and knowing the money will go for charity which is a good cause, I don’t think there is anything against it.

I’m sure not everyone is spending this kind of money on license plates, and I doubt its a cultural phenomenon. DUBAI: The 73rd Open Distinguished Number Plates Auction held by Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has fetched Dhs21 million for it. He said the “public’s earnest desire to take part in these regularly held auctions is showing no signs of abating, which is evidenced by number of attendees.
He said that the five-digit plates also saw a huge response manifested in the number plates K-77777 and I-70000, which were exchanged for Dhs620,000 and Dhs290,000 respectively. Just wait and see what they will cost when they start doing those stupid sayings on the plates…. It super interesting to look into these kinds of things and I think its great that you took the time to give us a little insight into the rich of Dubai.

I guess it’s a way of showing off by saying you have money based on your license plate number.
The license plate itself is a Q series, and if I am not mistaken Q series is reserved for VIPs and royals.
If the rich want their vanity plates, and the money goes to a good cause, then I’m all for it.

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